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  1. offset and backspacing HELP!

    Just FYI...17x9 should be what the stock rims are, they shouldnt stick out any more than whatever the truck came with bro. 17x10 would though, that would add a little offset.
  2. Hey guys (and gals), I'm new to this forum but I'm just looking for help on building my truck, Im 19 from Texas and its my first build. Anyways... Im looking to make my truck have a wide stance but I dont want it sky high, how high do I need to lift it in order to fit 33's (most likely A/T's but possibly M/T's) on 20x12's (most likely fuel octanes)? I know I could clear 33's with 20x10 easy with a small lift but the problem is that I want stance (hence the 20x12 rims) and that will not be as easily cleared, I dont want to trim a tremendous amount but I know some trimming will be necessary so what lifts (hights mainly but brand is cool to recommend too) would y'all reccomend? Also any tips for a beginner to watch for? Thanks!! Here are some pics of it currently

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