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  1. How do you think fixes get implemented? By guessing what could cause a leak to be occurring at the pinion or by actually analyzing it? Manufacturing practices change all the time. If one vehicle has an issue, multiple are faced with the same destiny. If it doesn’t get addressed, it’s money lost by GM.
  2. GM may want to analyze why the seal is leaking and don’t want to risk the technician completely mutilating it during removal.
  3. Different thermostat sensor than stock?

    There should be one on the intake manifold as you’re stating and one on the cylinder head. If that’s what you’re getting when you search “coolant temperature sensor” try searching for “coolant temperature switch” and see if the round one shows up.
  4. Nice work. Can you fix the mutant looking mirrors as well?
  5. Lq4 turbo questions

    - E1840P camshaft - Walbro 400 w/ 60lb injectors - Stock 317 heads, pac 1218 style springs. Get a 4 corner steam pipe setup - call Circle D and see what they say about a converter Check out Huron speeds truck kit. Look into a 78/75 charger with a .96 ar
  6. I’ve got a set of the Sumos I’m pulling off my 2016 for lease turn in. About a year old. PM me if interested.
  7. You can get a Delphi reman cluster on rock auto for under $200.
  8. Buyer Beware

    I’ve had a 14, 15, and a 16. all have had somewhere in the ballpark of $1000 of Warranty related repairs before 10,000 miles. Some issues still were not fixed after several trips to the dealership. Disappointing to say the least. Can’t say I’ll own another new GM pickup once the 16 lease is up. Between poor quality and the T1 truck appearance, I’ll either be buying a new Ford or a GMT800.
  9. Dead battery

    Needs an HMI
  10. 06 silverado tie rod help

    Your steering system has been modified due to the lift. The picture you posted is nothing like the steering setup on a stock truck. On a stock truck the inner tie rod would be threaded to the center link, and there is no adjuster sleeve.
  11. GMT800 things to look for?

    Burnt out radio/hvac/ipc lighting, ipc needles sticking or not moving, broken off exhaust manifold bolts, coolant in the oil, worn out front suspension parts
  12. Because higher octane does not equate higher fuel economy.
  13. Synthetic Slick50

    How will a higher viscosity oil help with oil reaching rotating parts quicker in cold weather?

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