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  1. I have owned 4 Polaris machines over the years. Right now I have a 2016 RZR 1000 XP. I have had good luck with allof them. PoPo gets a bad rap on break downs purely because they have out sold all other SxS combined 5 to 1. 5 times more machines to break down.They are no worse than any other machine and better than most. Good luck with the Yamaha and congrats on the new toy. Yamaha makes a quality product, you should get years of work and fun out of it.
  2. Now that would be fun. We just don't get enough snow in Arkansas.
  3. Pretty dumb pu''ing up along side of him. Driver dumber for pulling gun.
  4. Arkyrider

    Gas Prices

    Hurts railroads too, but helps trucking industry. And your theory is not to far fetched.
  5. Arkyrider

    Chit chat

    Guess he should have stopped.
  6. Got a great deal on my 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad cab with 226000 trading up to a 2014 GMC 2500 HD with 30,700 miles. Could not pass up the deal.
  7. Just bought a 2014 Sierra 2500 HD. Added on to my insurance and choked and stammered a little. Collected myself and drove home.
  8. Just purchased the first GMC I have ever owned. Traded my 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad cab with 226,000 miles on it for a 2014 GMC Sierra 2500 HD Crew cab with 31,000 miles on it.. Got a killer deal. Hoping I will be as happy and have the good luck I had with my Ram.
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