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  1. how was the install on the mirrors, any modification to the wiring harness?? plug and play?
  2. dash cam quality looks good
  3. sounds like you don't have the bulb seated correctly. check that out, see if it helps
  4. Herculiner - need your thoughts

    i got my kit on amazon. I have a compressor and opted to buy the spray gun attachment. My feelings are it needs to be sprayed on, no way i would ever use any of the roll on kits, but thats just me. I throw all types of stuff in my bed and it is super durable and cleans up with a quick rinse.
  5. Herculiner - need your thoughts

    i installed the raptor u-pol spray in myself. Came out AWESOME and cost me 100 bucks. its all in the prep work. If you do not have patience i do not recommend doing it yourself. i completely bagged the entire truck to prevent any overspray. I've had this in my truck since summer and still looks flawless. highly recommend this product if installed correctly.
  6. Help! Silverado XB fogs

    you have to re use parts from the existing fogs. i found this video useful on the install of the actual housing and bezel.. . hope this helps. while watching the video i saw where the mounting locations were for the fog lights. I got underneath the truck on leveled ground, took the bolts out and wiggled them out. pulled the wheel liners back a bit as well. pretty straight forward.
  7. i installed these today WITHOUT removing the bumper. i got both sides installed under an hour. i found this video useful on the install of the actual housing and bezel.. . hope this helps. as TRS website states these are rated at 5500k i have these matched up with FX-R projectors and 5500K morimoto hid kit. looks great in my opinion
  8. Help! Silverado XB fogs

    would you mind posting a picture of what your talking about? i actually installed mine today. I did not need to remove the bumper and had these installed in about 45 minutes no issues and good fitment.

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