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  1. Bilstein shocks thread

    Thats a fair price! $150-250 is the range (plus alignment)
  2. Bilstein shocks thread

    2014+ Chevy / GMC 1500 2wd/4wd 5100 Set On 0" Setting
  3. Bilstein 4600 / 5100 Shock Sets for GM Trucks!

    Just checked them and they seem to be working fine for us, please try again and let us know if you have anymore issues! Thanks
  4. Bilstein shocks thread

    Bilstein and Eibach are both made in the USA. Bilstein's factory is in Hebron, KY. Eibach's factory is in Corona, CA
  5. Bilstein shocks thread

    6112s are a coilover only, no rear shocks will be made. Youll need to go with either a 5100 or the 5160 w/ reservoir. The 5160 rear is a tad longer than the 5100 to accommodate a larger lift block or add a leaf. The performance and ride quality of the shocks described above is as follows. Bilstein 5100 < Eibach Pro Kit < Bilstein 6112. Its hard to compare the 2.0" diameter of the 5100 and the Eibach kit to the massive 2.65" diameter of the 6112. The larger shock size means the 6112 has 40% more dampening force than the 2" shocks do, which means it doesnt have to work nearly as hard to absorb an impact. The Eibach kit rides slightly better than the standard 5100s as it has its own coil spring and is tuned as a package. The 5100 is a major upgrade from the stock Rancho or Tenneco shocks in terms of ride quality, as mentioned in this thread. 6112s are $610 here - http://mrtmotorsports.net/bilstein-shock-sets/bilstein-6112/47273702/i-7474057.aspx
  6. Bilstein 4600 / 5100 Shock Sets for GM Trucks!

    Thanks for the orders. Bilstein is running a little slow right now, taking about 5-7 days for them to ship.
  7. Bilstein shocks thread

    Great looking install!! Glad to hear they are providing a huge improvement in ride quality. These should have been what came on the truck from the factory.
  8. Bilstein shocks thread

    All 6112 models back in stock - orders from last year shipping first, direct from Bilstein. 150 units +/- are up for grabs 07-13 GM 1500 - http://mrtmotorsports.net/bilstein-shock-sets/bilstein-6112/47244641/i-7474058.aspx 14-18 GM 1500 - http://mrtmotorsports.net/bilstein-shock-sets/bilstein-6112/47273702/i-7474057.aspx
  9. Bilstein 6112s back in stock!!
  10. Bilstein 4600 / 5100 Shock Sets for GM Trucks!

    5100s & 6112s now in stock!
  11. Bilstein shocks thread

    Thanks for deleting all of the answers to the questions asked without notice GM Trucks Mods. What a waste of time, and Im sure the members love not getting the information they request.
  12. Keep the rifle lubed with oil, almost wet and youll be better off. I have a case head rip off in my DPMS AR10 running Tulammo. Shooting .223 in a 5.56 is not a problem, shooting a 5.56 in a .223 barrel could be a problem. My 5.56 barrels can eat the steel case ammo, my .223 Wylde barrels do not like it at all.
  13. Bilstein shocks thread

    85 is correct.
  14. Bilstein shocks thread

    You are Peter, our local Vegas customer? No problem to return those if you want to wait on the bilsteins, but we have no idea when they will actually come out, realistically its 30-90 days.

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