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  1. No body lift. I did a quick look under but will do a detailed check tomorrow as well as take measurements. Not sure if I want to trust the installer to look at it again but I guess they probably can't screw it up anymore
  2. Here is a quick pic of the truck as it sits with lift and steps. Gonna put the flares on tomorrow. Having an issue with the bed being slightly crooked after the lift. That's in a separate forum topic now.
  3. It drives fine and the lift looks great. No issues other than the bed lean but it is definitely driving me crazy. I am very detailed oriented and will be taking it to the dealership for sure. Friend of mine is a mechanic at the dealership I bought it from so I might drive out to his place tomorrow for him to look a it
  4. I didn't put the body lift on and probably wont now. The pics don't do the lean justice. What I don't get is how it is there now and wasn't before the lift was installed.
  5. Its not the height. It is leaning towards the driver side. And yes, I fully understand that this particular lift shouldn't have impacted the bed by any means. My question was more geared to the installation. And yes, I know the bed wasn't crooked because the day before I ordered the lift, I washed and waxed the entire truck because I was contemplating trading it in on a 2500 diesel. I am and have been a Marine for the past 21 years and have a pretty good eye for detail and would have seen this. If I can upload the pics, I think you could understand a little better. Its not like a small deviation typical of GM trucks, this is very noticeable.
  6. Having trouble uploading pics here. I have them in my gallery but can't seem to get them up on the post.
  7. So as far as I can tell from trying to measure from a couple different places, the bed is at least 1/2 inch off. Here are some pictures of both sides but it is hard to tell from them. The side that is crooked is the drivers side.
  8. So I just picked my truck up after having a zone 6.5" lift installed and after getting 100 yards away from the installers, I noticed the bed was crooked in my side mirrors. Turned around and went back to the shop. Now understand my truck is only 7 months old with 13k miles and I am the original owner and the bed was 100% straight when it went in to the shop. At the shop, I encountered 2 different fellas. The first was the actual guy who put my lift on and he instantly went on the offensive saying that nothing he did would cause the bed to be crooked. He even made a smart remark about "gremlins coming in the shop at night to unbolt my bed". The second individual was the shop foreman who was very nice but swore that they did nothing that would affect it either. He did offer for me to bring it back in next week and they will go thru it. My question to the masses...what should I look for here? The kit was the standard 6.5" with the Add-a-leaf also. I'm at a loss here but I know if I take it to the dealership, they are just going to blame the lift
  9. Alright everyone, here is a little update to my recent "spending spree" as my wife likes to call it. Waiting for everything to arrive so I can install all at once. Decided to upgrade to 20's since I plan to go to 37's at some point and I think 18's would have just been to small. Ordered: Zone 6.5" suspension lift (Somewhere between Ohio and NC) Iron Cross Patriot Step Bars (Received) TrueEdge Fender Flares, Color Matched (Ship on Tuesday after paint) Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx 35x12.50R20 (Shipped from Discount Tire Direct) Pro Comp 8101 Series Alloy Wheels (Shipped from Auto Anything) I will try and take individual pics as everything gets installed. If anyone wants specific pics, just let me know. Will be thinking around Thursday/Friday/Saturday timeframe for everything to arrive and started. Goal is to do all this in one day.
  10. Zone 6.5" lift is ordered as well as color matched fender flares. Zone customer service was awesome. Called a little after 1:00 pm and Travis made sure they got shipped out today. Had a little trouble getting a promo code for the military discount but he kept at it till we got it to work. Only issue now is tires. I am going to keep my stock wheels for now. Don't really want to spend any more money since I still need to do exhaust work and spray in bedliner. Any suggestions for a 90% road / 10% offroad 35" tire. Would like something that looks good.
  11. Well the Iron Cross step bars were delayed and finally arrived today. Kinda disappointed in the packaging though. The bars seem fine but the brackets were all thrown in a box without any protection. Most of them have small dings and chips in the paint. Gonna call autoanything and see what they say. Took a few pictures for reference. Only bad thing is that I don't have time to send them back and wait for new ones.
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