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  1. I towed a trailer with my 2017 6.2 from MA to NH and on the way back home I started getting a vibration between 70-75 MPH. It comes and goes while towing. Only time I have felt any shake in a K2 is now. I have 12k miles on the truck. I have to investigate the trailer and make sure its not something with that since it only shakes while towing. Its not a consistent shake either.
  2. The brakes by wire sounds like not so good an idea.
  3. 1 or 2 people will be along to say CAI is pointless and doesn't add any power.
  4. My cammed Camaro pulls 60 kpa at idle, stock it was 30 kpa. I didn't notice a difference in the brakes at all going from 30 to 60.
  5. Whatever happened to the 6112 shocks? Are they still coming?
  6. If I were doing this I would find a way to get the Corvette pump to work. Knowing GM there is some way to pin it into the factory harness.
  7. Yes the part number I posted was for the block off plugs only
  8. I am up to my 3rd K2, none of them has the shake. I traded in my 5.3 for a 6.2 and couldn't be happier. I know 5 others with K2's also 0 problems. The percentage of people with problems is very low but they are typically the loudest in the room. I picked up my 17 6.2 about a month ago and I love it.
  9. Looks like post 18 in the thread linked above has the block off plugs from a Corvette. The Corvette uses an electric vacuum pump. Part # 11546665. Looks like the Corvette electric pump may be an option. The vacuum pump seems to be the only source of vacuum to the booster. Why would GM not put a screen on the oil side to prevent something like this from happening?
  10. I wish I had some answers to how to do it. Seems most guys on here just want to be a jerk. If you don't understand the mod try being quiet you may learn something. If GM is denying engine warranties over this I am taking mine out at 36,000 miles.
  11. Tesla, the only company bailed out more than GM. All that gov money sure does build a fast car. It seems their solar panels aren't living up to the hype either. Battery/capacitor tech has not caught up to what those cars need. Elon musk is a walking gov subsidy. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-05-11/why-teslas-solar-roof-just-another-giant-taxpayer-gift-elon-musk
  12. I traded in my 2016 5.3 for a 2017 6.2 and I smile every day! Such a great engine, lots of power!
  13. In my experience turbo guys always seem to have more problems. They seem to be rebuilding engines constantly. Turbos do make more power and it's easy to turn up the boost. That may be the contributing factor, they want a little more boost and pop there goes the motor. I don't know how strong the new 8 speed's are But usually as stated above the transmission gives up first.
  14. GM has been hooked on doing that to exhaust since the 98 Camaro. I don't know why they would do it on a truck, plenty of room under there.
  15. I just turned 1k in my 17 6.2, less issues than my 16 5.3 so far. My 16 had 49k on it and had a loose seat and some weird bump in the dashboard.The bump almost looked like a fly landed on it while they were wrapping the leather on the dash. It developed a shake @ 70 around 25k that new brake rotors fixed. Also the 5.3 developed a little bit of a motor tick that annoyed me. All reasons that make me smile at my 6.2 everyday!
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