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  1. Not sure of good dealers in that part of NY but if you like the 1 hour drive I use Ingersoll Auto in Pawling (Dutchess) and Danbury Ct and they always have a promotion of oil change and tire rotation for around $50 for my truck with coupon (available on their website). If you dont mind the drive also to Healy Chevrolet in Middletown i hear they are a good dealership.
  2. Stock hitch class?

    thanks, missed your picture, was looking at another post above. Now it makes sense.
  3. Stock hitch class?

    If class IV hitches are only good for 10,000lbs or less, why would i have a class IV hitch for my max tow of 10,800lbs? I would Guess the 6.2 max tow would only have the class IV too but be able tow 12,000lbs.
  4. Max tows would come with the tow mirrors as part of the package. They are hard to find even new on the dealers lots. I still have yet to see a new one on any dealers lot near me. When i bought mine i traveled 3 hours into NJ to get one when my local dealer refused to give me a good deal on it. The only issue though is alot of people did add aftermarket tow mirrors so if you do go make sure you look in the glove box for the code NHT.
  5. Sirius and XM while the same company are two separate radio systems still. The XM side doesn't offer stations that are only available on the internet side (channels higher than 200 except the sports channels) while Sirius radios do allow the higher channels. GM vehicles are XM radios where Dodge and Acura, Hyundai, only ones I know of are Sirius radios.
  6. i owned at 2015 Sierra with the 5.3 6 speed trans and when towing a open landscape trailer, my trans temp would always run in the 190's. I have a 2017 Silverado with the max trailering package, 5.3 engine 8 speed trans and even when towing my 32" roughly 7000lbs camper then temperature very rarely rose above 190, usually only when going up a hill. There is an extra transmission cooling system that comes with the max trailering package.
  7. there is no difference in keys between the 2017 and 2018 keys so the one for the 2017 year would work.
  8. yes, I have received the hat, stickers and calendar but not this emblem.
  9. i have not received this emblem. Did I miss out or are others just receiving them?
  10. I own a 2014 Durango limited, just hit 60,000 miles and besides a bad shock in the rear at about 20,000 miles, the durango has been great. We will buy another one when the time comes. Every vehicle has its problems, but i have to say the, my 2015 Sierra was at the dealership more in the first 20,000 miles then the durango was. Enjoy your new durango.
  11. Upgraded my Truck

    i never seem to keep vehicles long enough, always the urge to have the newest and greatest. Of course i loved my GMC sierra but i want to tow a travel trailer and needed the larger tow ratings.
  12. Upgraded my Truck

    I went to the build page on the chevy website, used same build specs and the max trailer package list the 265/65 R18 wheels in the package, i could change the rims if I added another package that had the larger wheels. As far as changing the tow rating with the different tires sizes i am not sure, according to the guide the only thing that changes the rating is the transmission as having the 8 speed gives a higher tow rating, which my truck came with.
  13. Upgraded my Truck

  14. Upgraded my Truck

    The truck definitely came with the max tow package, 7600 GVRW and it has the 3.42 rear end. According to the tow guide i can tow 10,800 lbs. I left the window sticker at home again, i will try to remember to take a picture tomorrow to post a picture of the window sticker.
  15. Upgraded my Truck

    the running boards were dealer install, was shocked there werent chrome since there is so much chrome on the truck already. I prefer the black running boards, the chrome ones will look all scratched and crappy after this winter and prefer the wheels and rims, not a fan of larger rims and thinner tires.

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