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  1. Has anyone had issues loading an engine tune with a brand new Trinity T2? It says “There are Control Units in this vehicle that our currently not supported. An update may be required. Connect your device to a PC and run Ignition client to download the update.” I’ve updated this thing like 20 times. Every time I check for an update it says one is available and then downloads, installs and restarts the T2. Anyone ever see this? It’s really frustrating. I can program the TCM but not the ECM...
  2. Nice looking truck! I ordered the 1.75 Boras and just got them in today. Installing tomorrow! Thanks for sharing, I think I made the right choice!
  3. WTB: 1.75” BORA Wheel Spacers!
  4. I just wasn’t sure if the 1.75”would be too much. I thought the 1.5” would match the front perfectly but someone told me that with 1.5” need to trim the studs.
  5. No trimming of the studs correct? They just bolt right up correct?
  6. Hey guys! Who is running Bora wheel spacers on their truck with a Zone 6.5” lift? What size spacers are you running so the track width is the same? Can you share some pictures? Thanks!
  7. Does anyone on here have the part numbers for the cocoa/dune interior? Okay, it kind of looked cocoa/dune in the photos. Thanks.
  8. Well, my Fuel Mavericks are -24 offset because I wanted to add bushwhacker fender flares. I wanted the wide looking stance and if I went with -12 they would be tucked under the fenders. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Is this the Cocoa/Dune interior? If so then your middle counsel part numbers will work for my truck!
  10. I hope they followed them when it was aligned! Haha. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. It is on page 27 when looking at the install instruction on their website. Here is the link: http://4x4media.info/instructions/zon/C2456_C2656.pdf
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