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  1. I'm lifted 6 inches. Got the 7886. You Guys like Them? Overall It worth It?
  2. Anyone install a rear sway Bar on their lifted trucks? Thoughts? i got bored and order a Hellwig.
  3. Thanks It's Actually called Black Chrome holographic
  4. I was under My Truck Last Night. I randomly pulled on My passenger Front Axel It Has a Little Play Out Of the Transfer case. I Think That Night Be the popping sounds i've Been hearing. I'm lifted on coilovers. So who knows What wore Out. Lol
  5. It's Crapy prep Work and install. What brand PPF (Clear Bra) Did you use and How much Did They charge? When install properly you shouldn't even Be able To Tell It's on the paint.
  6. I was thinking Of New leafs Just To Get rid Of the 6inch blocks. Not a fan Of the Look. My OCD Is on over Drive and i Want To match the Front Coilovers To the rear. Lol
  7. What's Up Guys? I'm running a Procomp 6inch coilover Lift. Was wondering If Anybody Has Done Or knows Of anyone That's running coilovers In the rear? Thoughts?
  8. I Have One. Looks Cool Horrible reception But i use Pandora and sirus So i Could careless about the Radio. Anything Is Better Than the Look Of the 3Foot Long stock One
  9. I'm running 6" Procomp With coilovers, UniBall control Arms, the upgraded shocks i'm the rear and Add a leaf. On 35X12.5X20 -24 Offset. My only complaint Is My mpg Is Horrible. Can Do 80mph Hands Off the Wheel. Truck goes straight No vibrations At All. People Will Say lifted trucks ride Better Than stock.. Lol Not true But It Does ride extremly well for What It Is. It's My Daily I Take It from NY To MD every other weekend. I enjoy It. turning radius Kinda SUCKS Now. And It barely fits In parking spots. Drive thru's Or park In most parking garages. Lol
  10. Try a product called Solution FINISH. It's a professional product But Pretty simple To use. DM If you Want To Know How To use It.
  11. Check king shocks and coilovers. They'll build Them for Your exact ride hieght
  12. What brand mirrors Do you Guys like? Not wanting To Spend 600 from the dealer. Also looking for Power fold running boards. How. Do you Guys like Them? They hold Up well?
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