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  1. I have had weathertechs in both my 08 Tahoe and my 16 1500 and I have never had a problem with either, they have contained spills, dirt pretty much everything I can beat them up with, and never had to replace them. Haven't seen the other brands to compare though.
  2. Also have adjustable pedals but if you watch the video that was previously posted, explaining the mod, I don't believe it matters if you have adjustable pedals or not.
  3. If I'm trying to run 285/65's or 33x12.5 on 18s what offset could I run? Would I run into problems with a 0 or +1? been looking into +18 mostly so far. Running a '16 1500 with ReadyLIFT 2.25 level. Thanks!
  4. I have a 2.25 Ready Lift that was installed by the dealer, has anyone experienced a slight shake or rumble around 60-65? I brought it into the dealer and the answer they gave me was that the blocks make the steering lighter and it causes wandering leading to the rumble. Their solution was to rotate the tires. Anybody have input on this?
  5. Never had spacers because what ive heard about lug nut stress, but if it doesnt really change all that much i might look into it because of the stance. Probably just gonna buy new rims with less offset if i wanted to achieve that look though
  6. Theyre pretty strong and its common, mine are slightly off. Not concerning ive had some pretty have stuff sit on the gate with no problem
  7. Definitely do not stack your rear blocks, just get different sized blocks for the front if the nose is too high.
  8. Ready Lift 2.25 that i got in this week. Night and Day difference.
  9. Anybody fit a 295/60r20 with a level? Was thinking its a close fit with a +20 offset
  10. Trying to put fuel assault 18x9 +1 with toyo open country AT2 33x12.5r18 with 2.25 level, from what ive seen i think these will fit with MAYBE rub in reverse at full lock
  11. Looking to change tire wheel combo and cant figure out how i would choose the offset of the wheel, trying to run either toyo open country AT2 or cooper stt pro both in 285/65r18 on 18x9 undecided wheels. Currently have 285/45r22 on my 16 ltz
  12. what kind of wheel tire combo are you running
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