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  1. So back when I was in college I put on a 2 inch level and 1.5 BL to clear 33s by 12.5. I still rub but it’s done the job. However I found an insanely good deal on a zone 6.5 suspension kit that I am going to install and remove the two inch level but obviously keep the body lift. might be a dumb question but is the suspension kit a true 6.5 lift? And same for the 1.5 BL? Meaning would I really technically have 8 inches of lift? I plan to upgrade to 35s but just curious
  2. I will check then our. I was thinking zone or cognito also. I was told NOT to get a uni ball uca unless I want to grease it every week
  3. I am waiting on a 6.5 inch lift and probably going to go with zone offroad UCA. I got the lift from them and the uca's are 500 but probably worth the investment.
  4. nice! I just ordered the zone 6.5 kit. Just replaced my struts but thinking about replacing my control arms/ball joints and tie rod ends when I do the lift. I just am torn between paying $500 for zone or cognito control arms. Did zone come with the ball joints or did you have to buy that separately also? I just don't see a viable alternative to them besides stock..
  5. Adding a zone 6.5 inch lift on my 2014 sierra. It has roughly 135k miles on engine. I just replaced front struts and sway bar links (even though kit comes with new links)..realized that after fact. I have steel cast control arms and curious what I should replace? A lot of people on facebook suggest the congnito or zone upper control arms but they are $500 just for the set. I was wondering if I could replace just the ball joints/tie rod ends when I install kit and then down the road replace UCA's with cognito...or is the stock cast steel control arm and ball joint all one piece? Meaning i cant just replace the ball joint? Just looking for some feedback and suggestions. i will have my son in truck a lot so that is why i want to be extra sure I have a solid front end. Any feedback, your pictures of 6.5 inch lifts, and experience with maintenance is appreciated. Been awhile since i posted on here!!
  6. just spoke to dealership regarding this..they said its NOT my thermostat housing or radiator its my heater core hoses? apparently its a 390.00 repair but they are trying to get GM to pay for it. I don't think they would play games since if it was thermostat housing causing radiator issue it would be covered under my powertrain warranty...just seems a bit odd but not as dramatic as having to replace whole new radiator and housing.
  7. hey fellas I don't wanna hijack this thread because we have some beautiful rigs here..but quickly I have a two inch level with a 1.5 zone body lift on my 2014 sierra 1500. can I get away running 275-60-20 on 20x9 wheels with -12 offset??
  8. any rubbing? I was looking to run 275-60-20 with -12 offset on 20x9 rims.
  10. i have a 2 inch front level and the 1.5 zone body lift on my truck. Will 275-60-20 wheels fit without any trimming on this set up? its about a 33 inch tall tire.
  11. well I finally dropped truck off at dealership yesterday for this issue... I have been seeing the vapor and smell for last eight months but my coolant level pretty much is level so it didn't bother me. yesterday up in newyork we got a bad snow storm had it in 4wd all morning driving over town..got back home went to pull it in my garage and a bunch of smoke came out from front of my truck(radiator)... scared the hell out of me so I turned truck off thinking I just lost my engine...long story short let it cool down started up still saw thin vapor but decided to chance it and drove it 13-20 miles to the dealership with no issues at all and no smoke...so weird. but anyway hopefully they pay for new thermostat and radiator...I bought it used with no warranty six to eight months ago and now have 63k on engine...either way figure it worth the money even if I have to pay for it verus paying 5k for new engine and labor.
  12. yes I know but anything is better the my stock 17 inch GM wheels with 265-70-17 tires. At least the larger rim and a little more heigh/width of the 18 tire will fill up some more wheel well until I stop being a wussy and pull the trigger on some 275-70-18s but they only come in ten ply and range E. if there was a larger tire that wasn't 15 pounds more then my oem set up that would kill my MPG I would do that. but again anything is better then my stock wheels and tires IMO
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