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  1. It seems you’ve made up your mind on going with the chrome setup, but figured I’d throw out another idea in case you wanted it. I’m a big fan of color matched / color contrast and no chrome. I’ve got the all terrain pack, which gave me color matched bumpers, then I continued the theme by removing all the factory chrome. I personally don’t like chrome, just not my “thing.” Theres a blue SLT in the same color that runs around town here, and he color matched everything / tinted the windows. He went with a 2.5” level and black wheels, and I think it looks awesome. At the end of the day, it’s your truck, do what makes you happy! Search the wheel / tire setup thread, and that can also help spark ideas of what to do with your truck.
  2. 285/55/20 = 32.3" / 11.2" (https://tiresize.com/calculator/) Stock Suspension - No rub or scrub at full lock www.customoffsets.com is a great site to get a fitment idea.
  3. Also, at almost $100 cheaper per tire than Nitto's / Toyo's, it was a no brainer purchase for me.
  4. For what it's worth, I'm running the Falken Wildpeak A/T3W, 285/55 on 20 x 9 +18 and have zero rubbing or scrubbing and stock suspension. Ascetically, it's exactly what I wanted and hasn't compromised the ride quality at all (maybe just a tad firmer ride on rough surfaces). Driving around in the snow last night, grip was fantastic and I couldn't even get the truck to slide, granted my tires have been on for 100 miles, hah. I'll buy these Falken's again if they're still around once these are worn out.
  5. My new look for 2019 is finished. Removed all the factory chrome, had the window trim wrapped matte black, added the RC Nerf Bars and Method NV 20x9 +18 w/ Falken 285/55's. Planning to eventually lower the rear 2" to level out the truck.
  6. Thanks guys! I would have loved this to be a 6.2L, but I wasn't going to build one, and the price was too good to pass this up. Toestrong, it's a roll - n - lock cover that was installed by the dealer. I didn't want it, but didn't have a choice as it was installed correctly, and there would be holes in the bed if I removed it. I actually don't mind it thinking about how I could actually put it to use.
  7. Thanks everyone! I'm new to the truck world, so I'm not really sure where to start when it comes to modifying it, but I know I won't be able to resist very long.
  8. I've been looking at the 1500's for about a year now, and I'm thrilled I waited as long as I did. Initially I was looking at purchasing a 15' SLT AT last fall but decided on waiting because I couldn't find a white one locally, and I'm glad I did! The changes from 15 to 16 were also worth the wait. Fast forward to this past Friday, and I finally found the exact color combo / option 1500 I had been wanting. The price sealed the deal for me with 16% off MSRP and with the dealership's "internet coupon," it made this truck cheaper than a base SLE!! This is my first truck, and I absolutely love it. I'm planning on debadging it this weekend, painting the "GMC" logos white, and getting a good coat of wax on it since it lives outside. Down the road I'll potentially do some modding, but for now I'm going to enjoy the truck as is.
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