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  1. I also have black bear and its amazing. But http://www.diablewtune.com Can do the same. I cannot speak for them but many people on here have it.
  2. MontyUSAs 18LT Z71 BDS Build

    looks like rake to me. Did you get the rear blocks or the leaf springs? And of course does it rub? I'm looking to do the same setup.
  3. 15% off anything on ebay

    Thanks for the heads up. The code worked for me
  4. I have the 5.3L SLT. and my driver side DRL flickers every once and a while. What DRL mod fixes this?
  5. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    Looks good with the chrome rims. how do you like the RT''s. Cant decide between those and the Nitto ridge graps
  6. 2014+ Color Match Topic

    Thank you. I didn't like all the chrome on front of the original grille wrapping the outer trim is perfect IMO
  7. 2014+ Color Match Topic

    I had the chrome on the outside of the grille wrapped in glossy black. Its actually pretty close. Just a tad lighter. And installed my 2016 headlights.
  8. Thanks zmnypit for the harness. I love the look of these on the 2014's.
  9. Yes they are the same. Also don't rub my sway bar, just the liner but zip ties fixed that
  10. Anyone have the carven r with headers? How loud is it. I don't want to buy the tr and be disappointed. I have the flowmaster super 10 now but its getting rusty fast.
  11. Black GMC Emblem

  12. Black GMC Emblem

    Ebay or amazon have them. They make them for both grille and tailgate. Basically you will drill out holes in the old emblem until it cracks then remove and insert new letters. The new letter have 3mm tape on back. Some are full replacements with screws but I would think it would be difficult to put them on without removing the grille.
  13. Kooks Headers Question

    Thanks volcom8190, that's exactly what I wanted to know.

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