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2014+ Suspension Lifts

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saw on facebook Rough Country has released its leveling kit and 2.5" lift for the 2014. they look exactly the same as for the previous generation. But, they have a video that shows a new silverado with a 2.5" on it. although its a little low for me, it looks amazing




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So is it a 2.5" lift in the front and a 2" lift in the back, thus making it level? The website is confusing.

2.5 in front

Remove 1" stock lift block from rear and replace with 2"


Personally I would just want to level the front.


Sounds like the front need 1.5" of lift to level if you are leaving the rear stock. I wonder what tire would fit then? Probably not the size they list with their lift kit

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If you just want to level the truck, no high lift, like I did, the Bilstein 5100s are the way to go. You retain complete shock and suspension travel as compared to other methods. Plus the great Bilstein ride. See the pdf from the bilstein site for a load of info on the other methods and their short comings. No damage to your suspension. Just saying...






The first day on my 09 I put the Michelins on and then true and high speed balance on the truck. Them I added the Bilstein 5100s around which leveled the truck. Really made the ride and everyone that rides in my 09, CC, 4wdr z71 says the ride is the best they have seen in a truck (and they drive ford, GM and toy trks).


With the stiffer frame and heavier anti roll bars the new trks should really take to the setup.

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I'm anxious to see one in general but definitely with a lift. Just hoping RC has got the angles right so this doesn't eat the hell out of ball joints. Maybe GM put better ball joints in these(doubtful). Looks really good though.


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I measured my truck and the rake is about. 3 1/4" I'm goin with rough country's 2.5 level kit didn't see it on thier site but called them and its $95 plus shipping and I think I'm gonna go with 305 55 20 on the stock all terrain 20's prolly nitro terra grapplers

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