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  1. Thanks man! Can’t wait to get the parts I’ve been saving for and designing over the last few months. Gonna include a removable very light duty hitch mount for the front end, adjustable height bedrack, and a trident style flag pole mount for the rear hitch so I can have my flags on all the time! Even if I have to go into a garage that’s barely y’all enough for the truck! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Ended up ordering a set of LED headlights this weekend. I never used to have issues with my morimoto HIDs but lately they have had different components failing left and right. Hopefully the LEDs will work out also soon to start ordering materials to build my adjustable bed rack. Cant wait to have that thing built!!
  3. Much appreciated! I've been away more than not lately
  4. Red pulls out the needles in the gauges but that't it. I say the blue looks better. Looks more factory can you share a link to the EL wire you got and can you share how you put it in?
  5. 20180828_201820.jpg

    I must know if that is LED wire or if its just reflective tape on your door. Either way, I want it Looks like LED since its reflecting light up on the dash
  6. Front Camera

    anybody try this on a 14' yet?
  7. Mike1220's 2014 Sierra

    Finalizing my bed rack design this week, hoping to start as soon as I get the rest of the money together. It'll have 270* lighting, possibly 360 if I change it, Fire extinguisher mounts, spare fuel tank mount (possible), roof top tent, and itll be raised and lowered by some 300lb force linear actuators instead of the original gas strut idea. Also looking into some different ways to make it so that I can basically just strap the bottom of the legs into the bed so that I dont have to put abunch of holes and weld reinforcement into the bed floor so that I dont have to worry about it tipping ever.
  8. http://www.xkglow.com/6_LED_Ultra_Bright_Motorcycle_Light_Pod_8pc_Pack_p/xk084001-8.htm This is basically what I ended up getting. They’ve changed up the website and their product design a few times since I ordered my light pods. Also i looked at these just now and they say only available in green and red but I’m sure an email to XKGLOW would fix that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I did it in my buddy's driveway. its not the hard to change the balljoints yourself. Just remember to go straight to a shop after to get your front end aligned. Also mark off where everything is as you are pulling it apart to try and keep from being way out of alignment
  10. not sure about a full LCA swap but I changed my lower ball joints to MOOG and am really happy with them. Not sure if this helps but I feel like between the new LBJs and the cognito UCAs I installed at the same time, the suspension has a little extra travel and is a little smoother
  11. Engine Bay Under hood lights

    how bright are they? Debating on using a series of these or the rock lights that the OP used around the truck for light when camping. Also under the hood when working on something at night.
  12. finally received and installed my 12.5Klbs winch with synthetic rope
  13. Engine Bay Under hood lights

    what lights are those?
  14. Mike1220's 2014 Sierra

    got my winch installed the other day finally! Tuff Stuff 12.5K winch with synthetic rope and hawse fairlead. Looking good and cant wait to get to use it up next is a second battery which will be a dual purpose or deep cycle battery and ill have an isolator between it and OEM. After that I'll be building a bed rack that'll have a quick disconnect plug to power 360* lighting and eventually a Roof Top Tent. Cant wait to get all this done
  15. Mike1220's 2014 Sierra

    $75 doesn't sound too bad to me to know the job is getting done right the first time. Id drop that right now if I found a shop here for that cost

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