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  1. Will do! I'm still learning the higher temp materials like the ones that would be needed for this project, between that, starting a new job, and recently purchasing a new to me motorcycle the truck has been tossed to the back burner. I will keep this updated as I build the panel though! I have a few locations in mind for it to go and a few designs made up. Just gotta get around to printing the prototypes and test fitting them
  2. Ayo. Upgrade time. So I went ahead and rewired my headlight system. I now have the same FXR projectors and LED bulbs, but i noticed that in my haste with the install I left some wires not totally sealed, cut them back to clean wire and redid it and sealed it up to make a good permanent seal. Also, I redid the fog lights, I put in some bixenon projectors from eBay that have a cleaner cut off than the FXR projectors and came with H11 HIDs all for only $70. However I did have to make up my own bracket but having my own 3D printer now that was easy and fun. So now I have headlights and street legal fog lights again, both of which have a high beam mode, also I have my original D2 driving light pattern rigid industries pods wired into my high beam circuit with a relay that will trigger the pods and the fog light high beam mode when the OEM high beams are triggered. It’s awesome! Plus I already had the fog lights on with high beam mode so this is a complete sun mode! Hoping this works. I’m trying to upload multiple photos from Flickr at once after a few drinks. If not I’ll have an update tomorrow https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/shares/50YAh5 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Alrighty guys so I know when these trucks were still the newest ones I came across a guy who made some extended 3D printed caps for the headlights on these trucks (intended for use with LED headlights with big fans on the back) but I wanna know if anyone else has used a 3D printer of their own or has purchased 3D printed parts for their vehicles. I’m about to start printing a custom switch panel for the center console Share some pics or comments, even the STL files if you think others might like them. I’ve seen a few GMC/Chevy related parts on thingiverse.com but not much specific to these trucks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. to anyone who looks at my older posts that reference a picture or if there is a broken photo link I apologize, Photobucket used to allow you to upload 1000 pictures with their free memberships but now only allow 250, I was at 500+ so I am having to delete many of them from my account so that the useful pictures from mod installs can be visible again.  If there's anything I've deleted that you'd like to access then just PM me and I can send them

  5. well damn, I've been away for far too long I'm seeing, especially since I posted that rack design, 7 iterations ago lol. So updates on my truck since I feel like I've been gone for a decade, rack design has changed significantly and plan to start building it soon, also I finally ordered a new set of ball joints since mine have been going out for about 3000 miles now but I have had no time to fix them but I also refuse to pay out the ass for a shop to do them. I have new uppers, lowers, and tie rod ends, the uppers are cognito again (honestly didnt find out that anyone else made bolt ins for the cognito arms until after I ordered so i figure ill see how they hold up one more time), and the lowers and tie rod ends are from Tough Terrain Xtreme (TTX), the TTX parts seem extremely beefy and well designed which makes me really happy and I cannot wait to get them on and see how long they last. Hoping I can see better mileage from these as opposed to my stocks since Im about to be on my 3rd set of joints at only 76k miles. also, I have replaced the alternator since my stock one had a bearing that was shot and it was struggling, I upgraded to a 170amp alt and its got my electronics running better than ever. I can turn my subs up, while parked, with every light on, and I see only a minimal dim on hard hits, before I was getting a massive dim while driving with just the regular running lights turned on during a hard hit. The alt fit in really well even though the stock one was only 130 amps and much smaller. Last night I decided to install some new running board lights and attached them to the dome lights. Edit: here's the lights and the alternator, Ill get an installed shot of the alternator and upload soon, thought I got some but looking back I can't find any. But I'll also mention that my step lights were wired into the puddle light circuit when I took this video, immediately after when I went to back into the garage I realized this wasnt going to work because it was overloading the circuit and when I put the truck in reverse (for those who haven't read the whole thread, I have a diode mod so when my reverse lights come on, so do my puddles) and it overloaded the circuit and made the lights blink a few times and would prevent the reverse camera from working. So now they are on the dome circuit and they fade in and out with the dome lights
  6. update, I have my TTX (Tough Terrain Xtreme) lower ball joints and tie rods in as of today, took me a while but I kept getting side tracked but I'm finally having more time in my schedule so I ordered them and plan to install them very soon. Will update when they are in. First impressions however, I am very impressed with the joints, they look like alot of time and energy went into designing a strong ball joint that was built to last, but looks can be deceiving sometimes SOOOOO only time will tell once these things get put in
  7. Don’t forget to always post pictures and a how to on what you did to help others who may want to do the same Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. sadly nothing is made like it used to be.
  9. hopefully they hold up for you, I have moogs right now on my lowers and I am already needing to replace them after a little over 40k miles, I think they should still be holding up but they sadly havent.
  10. Dropped it off at the shop today. Has been getting neglected for a few weeks, getting an oil change and a new radiator since the OEM started leaking. Also need a new alternator since there’s a bearing going out in it and won’t produce as much power. Anyone done an upgraded alternator? Wondering how much it would cost to upgrade from th stock 150 to like 200 or so amps since I want a second battery for camping Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I just dropped it off at the shop, things have been crazy and finally had the chance and they are telling me its my ball joints being shot, again, so I'll be on my 3rd round of ball joints on this truck (including the original factory ball joints). Currently have moogs, been on there about 40k miles, I think they shouldve lasted longer but oh well. ill be changing them myself so I will try to get a gopro video before changing them to show the sound.
  12. I'm hoping someone has tried the moog parts and can comment on them. I have moog lower ball joints and the cognito upper control arms.
  13. Hey all, I did a quick search of the forum but didn't find anything about anyone mentioning some upgraded tie rod ends, mine have a tear in the boot so it won't hold grease and the squeak its causing is horrific. Looking to get some upgraded tie rod ends. Anyone have any recommendations?
  14. I'm not sure how the newer trucks work or if the BCM under the dash are the same but you may be able to do the same diode mod that us 14-15 guys did. I've had this done on my 14 for a couple years now with no issues. Like to the thread:
  15. Thanks man! Can’t wait to get the parts I’ve been saving for and designing over the last few months. Gonna include a removable very light duty hitch mount for the front end, adjustable height bedrack, and a trident style flag pole mount for the rear hitch so I can have my flags on all the time! Even if I have to go into a garage that’s barely y’all enough for the truck! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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