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  1. Sits about even with the HD. Nice! Looks great ma! Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  2. 150k and stock bearings. I have them ready to go as I know I'm getting close. I'm extremely pleased with this truck. She hasn't had an easy life and it's holding up just fine!
  3. Think you can use the truck settings to turn off. Otherwise use your phone connection settings and "forget" the truck wifi. May I ask why you are not willing to keep it? Guessing you're experiencing slow speeds too. I pay for unlimited and have been for years now. I travel a lot and GPS uses quite a bit of data when it's on all day. Notice frequently that the connection is slow and spotty. Ive recently complained and open tickets with on star so maybe they'll iron out. I will also cancel if it doesn't improve any. I think they use Verizon towers, but could be wrong. My average download speed with my Att Note 8 is 25mb. The truck wifi barely hits 12mb on a good day standing still. Most times in the 2-3mb range which no longer cuts it for much. Anywho, rant off. Good luck! Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  4. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Our guys just finished up my sister's roof! Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  5. 12 days until pictures! Yessss!! My dealer is calling me when they get one. I test drove a Denali for a couple of days while they fixed my A/C.
  6. That's what I want to see! A standard bed! Just on a crew. I hate the short bed trucks and always felt they were not proportional or as usable. Just my 2 cents! Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  7. When to change ball joints

    Glad it helped. This truck is used as a truck daily. Towing, hauling, long trips, short trips. Rips from red lights wheels spinning often too. 3.73/6spd with traction off... Its fun! Hauls my family around as well. I have so much confidence in this truck that I'm having a hard time letting it go. Ultimately it's going to one of my project managers soon as we are growing and I want a new truck lol. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  8. When to change ball joints

    I have over 140k on my 15 crew. I have beat the shit out of this truck. Not on purpose, just using as I need it. Anyway. I'm on my 3rd set of tires now but at set #2, the service guy at a local shop came and told me my lowers were shot! This is at 80k. I am very mechanically inclined and have over 500k miles with this platform. I know they are fine. I declined immediately nicely, but then he kept pushing and tried offering a level kit at the same time. By this point I already had 2 Moog lowers on their way to me. I showed him I ordered them, and offered 50 bucks for the front level spacer. He tried to sell me again. I said look, I am very in tune with my truck. I would know. There were zero signs. Just put my tires on, balance, and don't do the alignment you say you can't do because my lowers are shot. He does just that. I even got the level kit for me to install later. Which brings me to here. Finally had time to install my leveling kit, rear add leaf, new shocks, plugs, wires, and all fluids. I had 2 full days to myself in my shop. Rented a ball joint press and ready to go. Thing is, they are still good. Just didn't want to tear into more if I didn't have to. I have normal/good wear and just thought "save them for next time, if needed" Next day I took my truck to a different shop near my g/f. We were leaving for a weeks vacation so I dropped it off for them to do. They balanced and aligned. I even let them know I left the ball joins in the back seat just in case. They told me everything was good. My truck feels amazing. Tracks straight, great even tire wear, no vibrations or sounds. I beat this truck daily and it doesn't show....thats why this is my 4th GM truck.
  9. Proper usage of Tow Mirrors

    I use mine similarly. Top glass normal driving/towing mirrors. Bottoms set to just to the bottom of the rear tires. I find there to be no blind spots with the way I have them set. I back into every spot so they help for parking too.
  10. Got rearended :(

    Doesn't look like the exhaust is too bad, but I hear you. Time for a change up! Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  11. Got rearended :(

    Wow! That's awesome. Looks like your spare tire took the brunt of that hit!
  12. I'm currently driving one! Well not currently. I'm parked. I require less chrome and leather, need a long (6' bed), and towing mirrors, but holy shit this thing is amazing! Tailgate is odd, but feel in just one night I've learned it and can operate it more precisely. The 6.2 is awesome. My truck now ('15 5.3 max tow) is surprisingly quick off the line, but I love the extra power. 10spd is noticeable, but quick shifting. I miss my 07 5.3 w/ 4spd. I hate hunting transmissions. Anyway overall this bitch is loaded to the max. The cameras and different views are crazy. My father just bought a 18 Silverado 100th yr and it's beautiful. He saw and drove it and said "shit, I have to trade my truck in.") I reminded him I told him to wait. It's a Denali and he's 65...hes drawn to it. Haha. I don't hate the Denali, just prefer a less BAM! look. Simple and rugged is my thing.
  13. Range Device Disable AFM ODBII $78.75 woot

    Manual - 5th gear. Free AFM disable! My truck has hit 6th gear 4 times maybe. Only because I felt bad not giving it love.

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