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  1. Yes I only did the low Beam H11's. I will look again but I am sure the low beams are the DRL!
  2. Picked up my 2020 3500 LT 6.6 gas a couple weeks ago. Love the truck compared to my 2018 LT Z71 1500; Needed more pulling capabilities for my travel trailer. So far I have tinted the windows, added factory accessories running boards and tonneau cover, CHEVROLET tailgate inlays in black and wheels.
  3. I upgraded the LT headlights in my 2020 3500 LT to a set of H11 LED bulbs designed for Reflector headlights. I bought the bulbs from here https://deautokey.com/product/headlight-leds-for-reflector-housing-halogen-housing-fits-many-cars-including-vw-audi-jeep Vary happy with the light output and matches the LED fog lights well. they aren't the cheapest bulbs but they are of good Quality and designed for reflector Headlights. I have been using there products on my VW's for a few years and haven't had any issues. customer service is great also.
  4. Ordered my DPN Power, heated, turn signal and courtesy lamp tow mirrors for my 18 LT-2 Z71. I have the DL8 Mirrors currently. Will I need a harness to have full functionality of the tow mirrors like turn signals and the courtesy lights? most of the stuff I am reading is people upgrading to the Full Function power for mirrors. Thanks in advance.
  5. I did a 2" level, and went to 275/60/20 BFG A/T KO2's. No rub and looks good. Still has a slight rake that I like.
  6. I use meguires car wash and a mix of products for other detail work. I do not use a wax on my truck. I use carpro nano sealant that is like a glass type coating. It lasts for over a year with a great shine and I also use carpro reload on all the plastic and paint between coatings. When I apply coating I use meguires m205 and my porter cable random orbital to prep the paint and get rid of the light swirls that occurs from washing and drying.I also use sonax all wheel cleaner and iron x to keep brake dust and iron particles away from the paint but that's not entirely nessasary l use it cause I work on the railroad and it's a constant battle. I use leatherique on the interior leather and 303 protectant on the dash and plastic trim. Rainx on the windows and quarterly applications of seal feed on all the rubber seals ect...
  7. I have the ddm 35w 4300's in my 15' Denali and its night and day difference. Way better than stock. No issues since installed a few months ago.
  8. I have the regular alloys on my Denali and prefer them to the polished. I am not a fan of all the chrome and want to go paint to match. I would say factory polished wheels 750-900 is a fair price for quick sale.
  9. After reading all the complaints I still bought a 15 Iridium Denali. So far and granted I only have 1300 miles on it, I have had no major issues. way better than the first 1000 miles on my 14 F150 Ecoboost. do I have some nags?? Sure, the trans doesn't shift as well as the ford YET; and the headlights leave a lot on the table compared to the factory HID's on the ford. its getting better everyday in the shifting department. and the headlights just need a HID kit to make them better. but it is averaging way better mileage and is more comfortable. has more features and is better put together with better materials. I like the intellelink better and I think its a better truck all around. I don't have any driveline vibrations, rear end noise or axle wrap. What gets me the most is with my old Tuxedo black FX4 F-150 no one paid attention that was fine. now even at stoplights I get complements on the truck.
  10. I traded my 14 DC SLE for a 15 CC Denali because it was too tight for my twins Rear facing child Seats. If I were you I would definetly go Crew. My Wife drives a 15 Traverse for main kid duty but for family trip where a truck is needed it was worth it to trade for the crew for the extra room. the front seats were moved up pretty far and uncomfortable with the DC
  11. I leased my 14 Sierra sle 4x4 double cab. Z71, value package, ect. 39 month 10k year 2500 down 365.00 mo. Total price on the truck at signing was $35,600 with all my discounts and rebates, 25,969 residual at end of lease if I decide to purchase. I think I got a killer deal on the truck, and at lease end will probably purchase outright or get a danali.
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