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  1. Thank you for the work and post. Also glad for the tip that these dogs are just a bit wider. My 09 just makes it now. And the folding motors/gears are shot. Tip for those buying a truck and want something minor changed on it. My last truck, I wanted a different grille and door handles than the SLT came with. When getting a price on the truck, I said I'd take it if they sell me the grille and handles at their cost and install at no charge. They agreed and did such. So if there are a couple of things like those minor changes, get them agreed to in the deal. Of course this is a small town family owned and run dealership. You talk to the service manager on service major issues, as he is working the lane with the other two writers and techs.
  2. Yes, thank you. My GMC dealer friend just looked and confirmed that Quicksilver is available 2020 on the 1500s. Silver Ice, the same color is gone on the 2020 Camaro. That leaves the Camaro with out a true silver. Satin steel or white is it for the 2020 Camaro, if you want a south Texas hot weather color. I think it is a mistake on the Camaro and would have been a big mistake on the trucks.
  3. Yes. My friends trail boss bed is a stretch for me and I'm 6'3" with long arms. He is normal height of about 5'9" and works wi see the bed floor with the gate up. I think he can just reach the floor. I can get in and out fine with out the use of steps. Him no. They do seem high, He says that even the non trail boss trucks are about 2 inches higher than the previous models????? I have not verified that . Yes they do seem tall even at 6'3". But I like it I think?
  4. Any big changes on color? On Camaro6 it is reported that the Silver Ice color is being dropped for 2020 Camaro.
  5. I forgot to add to my the DLC not that accurate for MPG post, that I always buy a truck and worry about MPG. Driving a brick down the road has to mean one is not or should not be concerned about MPG. Per my Dad, (RIP), How much rain did you get and MPG answers always require some skepticism. Computer or manual....
  6. I am amazed at the number of folks that do not realize the dash computation is not that accurate. One needs to fill up at the same pump and run a tank or half and calculate it manually. Camaro forums have been all over this. One can also never reset the overall MPG and run say a year and get a better idea of MPG.
  7. I have thought about the program and as a Costco member it is there, I still prefer face to face with a seasoned sales person. I like to meet the service folks and get and idea if the dealership is well run. I like to get a value on my trade WHEN I get the cost of the new ride. The way I see it, you get a price and then have to go get a trade value. I can do all that without Costco. If you have a trade, one might use Costco to price check and then use that to deal with dealers. My last truck was bought at a family run dealership. The salesman was a son and had worked his way up from washing cars. When you go in for service, you talk to the service manager or his assistant if not there. Not really a Costco deal.
  8. OP, not trying to get into your deal, but can you post the MSRP? I have not built one on line because I just figured they were way over my in my head limit of $55-57,000 MSRP.
  9. As for me , never again a 5.3. 6.2 or change brands. I just built on line a LTZ, 6.2 with just an LTZ plus package, z-71 and the $1, 000 dollar upgrade 20 inch wheels and it was MSRP of $55,000. You can always change out the drivers seat for cloth after market. I am in South Texas and I am OK with leather and will not go back to cloth. I added sunroof, upgraded jute box and I think it hit $57,000. So order the LTZ before the cut off date and take it if the incentives are good when it comes in. Do not fall for the BS of you ordered it you have to take it crap. Just find a dealer that will order because you are interested. Never deal with a dealer that wants a deposit to order. They can sell such a truck in a heart beat.
  10. I like the pre-07 subs (my GMC was called a sub too) better than the Avalanche. . 8 ft of very flat floor, more head room and no leaks. Still have my 90, just for that reason.
  11. This... Way to early to tell if the DFM will have the early 4-5 yrs problems the AFM had. And then the lifter failures at 100,000 or so. I know there is more hard ware on DFM and they may be using the same AFM lifters? Hope not. And the software for DFM is way more complex. Only miles and time will tell the story on dependability. Good to know DFM is at least seamless. GM said AFM contributed less than one MPG on the EPA MPG. I have not heard on DFM. Probably around a mile per gallon? IF I end up with DFM, I will disable it to try and save the hard ware/lifter wear and tear.
  12. ^ thanks I guess the DC is still small and not much use behind front seats. Will look and measure again. Need to see in person both, DC and CC standard bed.
  13. So, Question, would the double cab with standard B be the same over all length as the CC Short B? Thanks to anyone saving me the fight with the GM site on dimensions. OK, GM site is better now. DC long box and CC short box are the same length of 231.7. The CC long box goes up to about 241.2.. Need a long box as my tree working tools do not fit in my short bed. Keeping a 360,000 mile sub around just for such. I Do have garage limits due to major heavy big stuff. In like we ain't moving that. Anyone seen the second row of a DC? Flat?
  14. From what I have read, the new diesels, with the complex emissions controls and additives, are problematic. Especially in cold climes. I was considering this one, but will be slow to go for it till proven. I have done way to much consumer field testing for GM. Also the 6.2 is some what proven. DFM still not proven.
  15. Phones and text are the problems. During the day the problem is nearly as bad a the drunks as the sun sets. The safety devices are just to allow the phone users to continue their narcissistic behavior of driving and talking/texting. However if one is stopped at a red light, the systems may keep the idiot from hitting you at 50 mph.. Just glad to see the engine choices widen for GM 1500s. Care less about tech and the size of ones tv in the dash....glad for the safety features for the" I do not pay attention to driving when driving dopes. " Or worse, "I can use the phone, text and drive dopes. "

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