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  1. Highly Recommend Michelin LTX to replace any OEM tires. Mine get replaced the day or week of purchase. Cars the same too. Life is to short and Too nice a truck to ride around on Such. LTX will ride better, handle better and do better in wet weather, then the OEMS.
  2. Thank you. And Nice truck! GM Finally has some nicer wheels for the 1500s. The GMCs where really strange when I bought my GMC. Chrome clad wheels back then. I have been running 18s, due to pasture use. Will look at 20s this time.
  3. Nice. Like the wheels! Can you tell me what wheels those are and size? They do not look OEM?
  4. Still drive my '09 SLT mostly for that reason. Tan interior and no ipad screen ...First Pic above is my truck. Only thing I would add is blind spot and audio text thru the speakers. Text on a dash screen or phone is a killer.
  5. Noticed the same thing for the last two years on test drives. Dealer needs to have some returns and write ups on this. Really doubt GM will move on the issue. But they have to have many dealer complaints filed to even be on their radar. Doubt the dealer will do anything. Not much they can do. This will be a job for a quality auto upholstery shop. Because of the seats and trans, I was so go on the 2017& 2018, now '19s. The seats where just hard and uncomfortable after 15 mins. I would spend the bucks to have it fixed. My '09 SLT buckets are great. Wife loves them. The new ones, no. Also noticed that on the newer trucks they removed the small amount of padding on the outside frame, where the seat back and bottom meet. Not a big deal, Unless one does not use steps. I'm 6'3" and just step in/out of the truck. Going out the unpadded frame rubs harshly on upper leg bone. If I get one I will have to have a good upholster address the issue and the hard seat. Lucky we have several in the big town of SA.
  6. with AFM or DFM one has lifters continually pumping up/or collapsing. On the DFM the mechanics are more complex and a bigger chance for failure. Most folks cut off AFM/DFM to cut down on all this mechanical wear of on/off lifters etc...On the AFM, I read that GM said the gas savings from AFM was less than a mile per gallon. IF one drives in traffic with traffic lights etc... on a regular basis, the stop/start will/should save one more gas. My AFM is off. No stop/start yet but when I do get one, it will be disabled too. I agree, Just nice to have the option.
  7. Maybe GM will have the bugs out of the new 3.0 diesel by then and offer it in the Sub. It Would be nice in an LT or LTZ.
  8. Did yall watch the 14 minute engine vid walk through? If that does not strike one as complex, with a lot of valves and sensors and water flow here and there based on this and that, I do not know what will. As one that had the early model 5.3 with the new AFM issues, the 6.2 looks like the way to go for a few years at least. Edit: 6.2, even with the new DFM, still seems like a better choice. At least there will be a DFM deletion kit soon, should it give one issues after warranty.
  9. Yep, agree. Seems way too complex. It has a lot of new this and that to pass EPA and get good mileage. Not a first year engine buy for sure. IF one gets one, one better get 100,000 mile power train wty. . 6.2 seems a better choice right now. .
  10. Thank you for the work and post. Also glad for the tip that these dogs are just a bit wider. My 09 just makes it now. And the folding motors/gears are shot. Tip for those buying a truck and want something minor changed on it. My last truck, I wanted a different grille and door handles than the SLT came with. When getting a price on the truck, I said I'd take it if they sell me the grille and handles at their cost and install at no charge. They agreed and did such. So if there are a couple of things like those minor changes, get them agreed to in the deal. Of course this is a small town family owned and run dealership. You talk to the service manager on service major issues, as he is working the lane with the other two writers and techs.
  11. Yes, thank you. My GMC dealer friend just looked and confirmed that Quicksilver is available 2020 on the 1500s. Silver Ice, the same color is gone on the 2020 Camaro. That leaves the Camaro with out a true silver. Satin steel or white is it for the 2020 Camaro, if you want a south Texas hot weather color. I think it is a mistake on the Camaro and would have been a big mistake on the trucks.
  12. Yes. My friends trail boss bed is a stretch for me and I'm 6'3" with long arms. He is normal height of about 5'9" and works wi see the bed floor with the gate up. I think he can just reach the floor. I can get in and out fine with out the use of steps. Him no. They do seem high, He says that even the non trail boss trucks are about 2 inches higher than the previous models????? I have not verified that . Yes they do seem tall even at 6'3". But I like it I think?
  13. Any big changes on color? On Camaro6 it is reported that the Silver Ice color is being dropped for 2020 Camaro.
  14. I forgot to add to my the DLC not that accurate for MPG post, that I always buy a truck and worry about MPG. Driving a brick down the road has to mean one is not or should not be concerned about MPG. Per my Dad, (RIP), How much rain did you get and MPG answers always require some skepticism. Computer or manual....
  15. I am amazed at the number of folks that do not realize the dash computation is not that accurate. One needs to fill up at the same pump and run a tank or half and calculate it manually. Camaro forums have been all over this. One can also never reset the overall MPG and run say a year and get a better idea of MPG.
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