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  1. Got my cans today. Any idea what "Heated" refers to on the sticker on the can?
  2. Yeah, I almost held out for OPs color but I went with the dark sky as they had a bunch of them in stock. Overall Im happy with the color.
  3. I used to get this in my 01 Silverado. If I had anything in the bed it would make the ass end bounce and people thought I was flashing them all the time.
  4. To be honest, if that happened Id probably giggle a bit. Especially if there was a cop nearby.
  5. You wouldn't get so much salt if you didnt suck on it so hard.
  6. Looks like it needs a run through the car wash. The stickers on the windshield.....Straight white club?
  7. I can understand fully. It takes a certain IQ to understand complicated issues.
  8. You are dumb as **** dude. You used your cool guy term "Rock" and I used wordplay saying I rocked your cradle. That equates to me talking about your mom? Did David Lee Roth insinuate he bopped your mom when he sang "And the cradle will rock" You obviously feel guilty and are doubling down rather than either just shutting up or admitting you stepped out of line.
  9. How do you come to the conclusion that I am mad? What hate? People simply thing that your setup looks like hell. Who are you to tell me what when and where I can do anything? Buck up buttercup, you wanted opions, you got them.
  10. Son, you make no sense. I broke YOUR balls, not your moms or your dads or your brothers. You have failed HARD and made yourself look stupid on many levels by not simply coming back at me (Fail #1) and by dragging family into this (Big classless failure #2).
  11. Its an opinion, they are like assholes so thanks for taking it in stride. Unlike the other mouth breather above taking someone else's issue personal and dragging family into it. Real ****ing class act.
  12. Wow, neat. Mom is 87yrs old and in hospice so you must be one desperate guy. Of course if your low enough to bring mom insults in you're probably not intelligent enough to understand how this makes you look anyway, so... The only thought put into that hot mess is someone wondering how they can destroy their front end faster than normal while spending tons of money doing it.. BTW, I paid cash son.
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