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  1. I never said cafe is bad, that is open to interpretation. My point was that cafe standards are why you cant order just any gear ratio like you used to be able to. If other company's are doing it, whats the tradeoff? Going to smaller motors has proven troublesome as there are always unintended consequences like the early raptors drowning themselves if you stomped it after light highway driving in the humid southern states. Dont even get me started on turbo life. If smaller motors are the answer, why aren't all mfgs going that route? There must be a reason. Getting back to the gearing, go ahead and change your gears if you want to, but you can bank on the fact that the trans will NEVER stop hunting for gears. With the 5.3/6.2 and ten speed that came up with a great and capable setup regardless of what gears people might think they want.
  2. Your lack of understanding the CAFE issue leaves me speechless. Im surprised you were even smart enough to buy a GM product.
  3. Dont blame GM, blame Obama and the CAFE standards. Having said that I dont think you would be able to keep the ass end planted with much more gearing with the 6.2.
  4. My 2001 Z71 would do this if I downshifted, so I downshifted....A lot. Unfortunately with cam phasers this wont work on my AT4.
  5. Outside the Democratic convention.
  6. Ive had mine installed for about 3 weeks now and I love it. Super deep tone kinda like an old school big block sound. The facebook clip on page one is the best representation of what it sounds like that I have found.
  7. Raising boost will be the easiest way to gain HP in this motor. To get any real gains you better learn one of the tuning programs and start swapping turbos.
  8. My dad was big on VWs and both buses he owned did this. One made a rapid clicking/ticking sound until the fuel pressure came up and the newer one made a ticking sound. My Kubota tractor has a lift pump and does the ticking also.
  9. Got my cans today. Any idea what "Heated" refers to on the sticker on the can?
  10. Yeah, I almost held out for OPs color but I went with the dark sky as they had a bunch of them in stock. Overall Im happy with the color.
  11. I used to get this in my 01 Silverado. If I had anything in the bed it would make the ass end bounce and people thought I was flashing them all the time.
  12. To be honest, if that happened Id probably giggle a bit. Especially if there was a cop nearby.
  13. You wouldn't get so much salt if you didnt suck on it so hard.
  14. Looks like it needs a run through the car wash. The stickers on the windshield.....Straight white club?
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