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  1. I have had my order in for my 2019 AT4 crew cab standard box 6.2 in since july 19th. Order had been accepted but still no targer production week.
  2. Its a base model... what do u expect? Trail boss comes in custom trailboss this one base model... and trailboss lt..
  3. I really hope you order and delivery dates are correct and Mike Davenports are not cuz it will suck if i have to wait till next january to get a 2019!!!
  4. Awesome great news! I already been bugging my dealer. Im ready! My 2014 is already on autotrader! I wonder if we are gonna get pricing also and the specs.. around may 1st then.
  5. What does retail consensus month mean... for may 1st... and initial dealer order... does this mean orders comin may 1sy? 17? Or after that?
  6. I have chrome caps also in detroit area i will also ship!
  7. Is anyone interested in tradeing thier oem black steps off of a 14+ for my oem stainless/ chrome located in southeast Michigan thanks
  8. My uncle has them on his new dodge ram in black and even tho the 3rd step doesnt look like it has a pad it does
  9. My uncle has them on his new dodge ram in black and even tho the 3rd step doesnt look like it has a pad it does
  10. Raptor makes them they are 499 plus 10% off right now but they usually always have 20% off so if u wait a week or so u can get them for 399 http://www.autoanything.com/nerf-bars/raptor-series-5-magnum-oval-nerf-bars
  11. I would like to trade my 6" oem step bars off of my 2014 sierra for your black ones. Im located in SE Michigan. I can do the labor that is involed. Thanks for your time!
  12. Anyone interested in tradeing me stock oem 6" crew cab sierra silverado black running boards for my chrome ones? Im located in SE Michigan thanks
  13. I lucked out i found oem black ones on ebay and got them for 105 shipped then sold my chrome ones for 165 on ebay minus fees and shipping i prolly broke even or gained a lil so id try that route!
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