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  1. I also used some grease on the inside side of the steering column. Try that
  2. https://youtu.be/kRFXdEUYP-0
  3. Knee bolster rattle?
  4. I know. It's crazy!! I just got an idea, and voila, here we are!
  5. Can you post a pic of what you made?
  6. The current TSB is only 17 and 18's
  7. It would seem that the TSB is onto something, but they need to amend it to include earlier years.
  8. Not a clue. I think it just let's DI noise through.
  9. I wouldn't go overboard on the tension on the zip ties. The last thing you would want it to prematurely wear out the seal. Just a suggestion.
  10. Be sure and get the grease nozzle right up between the seal and the shaft on the engine side. Dont just spray it around the end of the seal. It needs to get up between the two
  11. I might have came up with this, but Kport08 proved that my truck wasnt a one off. I hope this helps everybody.
  12. I also went inside and put lithium grease around the steering shaft from the inside.
  13. I can back up these findings about putting lithium grease into and around the boot. I haven't checked the plastic deflector
  14. Go on YouTube and search 2017 sierra tick. Same noise
  15. They need to expand that PIP to earlier years!!

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