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  1. Go on YouTube and search 2017 sierra tick. Same noise
  2. They need to expand that PIP to earlier years!!
  3. Has anybody replaced the water pump? Mine has some play in the pulley I'm told is normal. I'm not buying it.
  4. And this was the noise beforehand. It's not as bad now but still there.
  5. I pumped some lithium grease up between the steering shaft and firewall steering rubber bushing and the noise has backed off a lot. This evening I put some grease on the cab side of the steering column. We will see what happens.
  6. And on the drive home it ticked like a muther under load. Disappeared after I turned a corner though. Both right and left turns. Came back in between the turns though.
  7. So dropped off the truck this morning. Mentioned the noise and explained that there was some play in the water pump pulley. Just got a call that the play is normal. No sound detected on a test drive.
  8. I remember I had a similar noise in a Diesel VW I had. Turned out it was the idler was shot. Exact same symptoms, but I could pick it out at idle.
  9. There's times I think I'm driving an old Singer sowing machine
  10. Sounds like a firewall steering boot failure!!
  11. So I haven’t had time to check for an exhaust leak. I drove to Detroit last week, 400km round trip. As usual, on the highway, no issue, but the marble noise at low speed under load. I typically run 87 octane, so when I got back I filled up, but with 91 instead. Tank was half full. what have I noticed? The marble noise has eased back and while present, is not half as bad. This put me thinking. I basically now am running 89 octane. But probably have been running poor fuel leading to a knock issue. this thread below sounds similar to what is going on with the majority of these trucks. I’m still going to search for an exhaust leak next weekend, but I’m thinking this could be a knock sensor issue, that’s retarding a spark long enough, but not severe enough to trigger a CEL.
  12. This weekend I will try and pressurize the exhaust system and look for leaks around manifold and y pipe.
  13. I get ya. I couldn’t stand the 4cyl drone though in mine
  14. If you’re not sure of the history of the truck, be careful swapping fluid. You might do more harm than good.
  15. There is a technical service bulletin on this. You should be able to get the dealer to swap it out easy enough, before you take the welder to it.

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