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  1. It’s in the starter. They all do it. Nothing to be worried about
  2. have you guys checked to see if its the steering shaft seal in the firewall? Theres a thread here describing all these symptoms.
  3. If it's a tick under load that sounds like marbles in a can, It's the steering shaft boot. there is a TSB for 2017 and newer vehicles
  4. The TPMS from a new style 19 will not work with the older style
  5. Alignment and tire balance. Then take it from there.
  6. If the sound disappears when you turn the steering, like going around a corner, and then reappears on the straight, its likely the steering shaft boot. There is a TSB for the 2017s for this. I really don’t think it’s a predetonation noise or seat noise, if it sounds like it’s coming from under the steering wheel. An alternative solution is to pump some lithium grease into the seal yourself to see if the noise settles down. If it does, that’s your issue.
  7. If this is a marbles in a can sound, with low RPM and the engine under a slight load, it’s more than likely the steering shaft seal letting DI pump noise into the cabin.
  8. I suppose really my question is has anybody disassembled the reclining mechanism and can they give me any pointers?
  9. So I know the clicking issue has been covered and the suggested solution Is to do the hose clamp trick. my issue is somewhat different. I have an intermittent click noise that is coming from the recliner motor area of the seat. I can recreate the sound by adjusting the seat angle via the button, and then get in the back and put pressure on the shoulder of the seat in a side to side fashion. I then have to adjust the seat angle again to make the noise in this way. there seems to be a good bit of slop in the motor as it spins for about an eighth of a second before the seat moves. I’m hesitant to go to the dealership as they already said that they added the retainer, and that’s the fix, but that’s not a fix for my issue. in summary it sounds like an issue with the recliner mechanism, and not necessarily the frame itself. anybody any thoughts on this?
  10. I had an issue with wind noise. Dealer could not find it. I know you said they taped up the door and the noise went away, but you should redo the test yourself. My leak was in the same place as the attached image (red). It disappeared when i taped up the mirror. It sounded like the wind was coming in over my ear. My suggestion would be for you to tape up your mirror, go for a drive and see. If it stops, you know you have a leak here. I used some gasket sealer between the door and gasket and the gasket and mirror (red line) and then opened the door, let down the window and wrapped tape around the window frame and mirror plastic to compress the gap and close it while the gasket sealer cured (blue line). It worked. Don't go messing with your hinges just yet.
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