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  1. Just wanted to relate my experience with a bad vibration. My truck is a 2015 GMC 1500 LWB with General 17" tires. Standard truck with a 5.3. Checked the tires and found a rear tire with a shifted belt and thought it would be the cause since the vibration was felt in the seat. $188 later it was not the cause. Took it to a Chevy dealer 3 times in St Augustine. Balanced the tires 2x and then blamed the Leer cap that I had. Sold the cap. They charged me $53 for that diagnosis. Didn't help. Took it twice to a Jacksonville dealer that messed w the tires twice and even gave me a new tire. Didn't help. Both dealers told me that I had to live with the vibration that was constant from 65 to 75. Since I don't give up easily and knew the truck definitely had a problem I took it back to an independent mechanic.. Running on the lift the driveshaft was visibly bent. .35 in the middle. 07 and .10 on the ends. It has a label on the shaft saying it was built by AAM. No damage was visible of any type. Even though I asked each dealer to check the driveshaft its GM's policy to not check them. They told me that the customer can remove and check it and if its bad they will replace it. Stay tuned and I will follow up when the truck goes in Nov 18.
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