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  1. I have stock 18 inch Duratracs with 17,500 miles on them. Love the look on my Midnight Z71, but I find that I am rarely off road in anything more than some light mud on level road. I am thinking that a good rain and snow tire that is quieter than the Duratracs might be a good choice, although I hate to completely give up the 'LOOK' of the Duratracs. Quietest tires you've found in 18 inch? Or just stick with the Duratracs?
  2. How about independent air conditioning for the rear seats in the Crew cab?
  3. I have the 2017 Midnight 5.3 8 speed LTZ Z71 with the Duratrec tires and absolutely love it. I have the Range AFM control which sometimes throws a "check engine" light, but makes the shifting and response better. I don't want to do a tune that might void the warranty. Fabulous truck, particularly the LED headlamps, ventilated seats, quiet interior, and good response. I don't worry about gas mileage. It is a truck.
  4. I purchased a 2017 Silverado LTZ Z71 Midnight Edition that was apparently built in August of 2016. I am curious as to whether the 2015-2017 Silverados are better or worse for complaints about quality of construction as between Mexico, Canada, or US build locations. Anyone have any comparative quality experience based on build locations? Thanks, Larry

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