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  1. don't know where you live but in Tennessee you have 72 hours to "walk away" from any car buying experience. it is a law
  2. Can I tow this?

    i like to tow at around 60 to 65 mph, we have a lot of mountains and that doesn't help with fuel millage, you can almost see the fuel gauge moving when going up a 6% grade for 3 or 4 miles.
  3. Can I tow this?

    I wouldn't i have a Forest river 21fbrs, dry weight is 3995 hitch 435, you can through those #'s out the window as they are very unrealistic. mine weighs 4670 hitch weight is 610 ready to go camping (CAT scales) and i have an Andersen WDH. I feel very comfortable towing this. I have seen many people tow much larger rigs and even seen folks towing a 5th wheel with a 1/2 ton. Having said that IMHO that is to much trailer my fuel milage sux when towing avg. about 10mpg i can only imagine that towing twice the weight it would be 6mpg at best, then you have to think about stopping even with a good trailer brake you have a lot of weight pushing you. If we ever deside to get a bigger Camper that will mean trading up to a 3/4 or 1 ton truck. call me over cautious but my wife is more important to me that anything and i would rather error on the side of safety
  4. pretty cool little 5th wheel wouldn't work for me i can't stand a wet bath
  5. take a piece of plastic about 2 foot square and tape it to the floor make sure you get a good seal leave it for a couple of days if you get condensation under it you have a wet basement and that can cause all kinds of smells
  6. yes it's a flagstaff 21fbrs. as for mice i don't know how often you are gonna be camping we are weekend warriors during the summer months. never seen any sign of mice, during the winter when it is winterized i put a bar of "irish spring soap in the bathroom one in the main living and one in the storage, apparently they don't like the smell
  7. the first thing you should is join a winnebago forum, when we started camping i joined the Forrest River forum, folks on there are a wealth of knowledge and are more than willing to answer any questions you can think of have fun and welcome to the camping family
  8. I love my AMP's same thing just a little thud when fully retracted
  9. installed these plugs for the holes in the frame think it looks much better

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