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  1. take a piece of plastic about 2 foot square and tape it to the floor make sure you get a good seal leave it for a couple of days if you get condensation under it you have a wet basement and that can cause all kinds of smells
  2. yes it's a flagstaff 21fbrs. as for mice i don't know how often you are gonna be camping we are weekend warriors during the summer months. never seen any sign of mice, during the winter when it is winterized i put a bar of "irish spring soap in the bathroom one in the main living and one in the storage, apparently they don't like the smell
  3. the first thing you should is join a winnebago forum, when we started camping i joined the Forrest River forum, folks on there are a wealth of knowledge and are more than willing to answer any questions you can think of have fun and welcome to the camping family
  4. I love my AMP's same thing just a little thud when fully retracted
  5. installed these plugs for the holes in the frame think it looks much better
  6. thanks but how did you get your hand behind the grill to get to the clips i just tried it and i can't get up to them
  7. how hard is it to change them out i would like to do this as well but looks like it would be a PITA to do
  8. Westin X Running boards

    not a very good one
  9. yes it is my truck has a little button in the G i never noticed it till the OP pointed it out don't know what it is for but they didn't put it in they to make us wonder
  10. Westin X Running boards

    250.00 is bottom dollar as i will have to ship them to you
  11. Truck stolen!... Update!

    unfortunately i would probably be in jail if someone sold my truck for drugs I'll keep an eye for it in E. Tennessee

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