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  1. would hardly take any fuel before - now the fuel acts like its being chased into the tank so its fixed! check youtube tho lots of vids showing how to clean out the lines and the pump and the tank yourself - the days of me being able to climb under a vehicle have passed however
  2. its the charcoal canister - it has failed and let charcoal beads flood the vent lines - dealer said it was from overfilling tank - never fill past first click.... anyway it cost 2 grand to have new canister, new fuel pump, new vent lines and purge valves and new fuel tank installed
  3. I think the culprit is the higher ethanol content allowed because of higher prices...My mileage is down as well
  4. its prob a ground issue check this youtube
  5. Hi... I had the same problem you had a few years ago. I am not an AC tech, just a novice and so my solution isnt a pro job or anything....I got an ac gauge set and put a little freon in to top it off and return the performance but noticed bubbling in the low port...there is a little rubber ball in there that lets go after a while. Since I didnt want to pay a shop to replace the port, I just left the quick connect hose connector for the hose on the low port and closed it. So far it hasnt leaked and the ac has been great. Since you lost all freon you would have to evacuate and recharge but then just leave the valve on the low port and high port and it will probably hold your freon inside the system
  6. Well, I am not an expert or anything close, but I was told not to touch the tips of the Delco Iridium plugs as attempting to gap them would ruin them. I just changed mine at 103,000 and to be honest I couldn't tell any difference, so those plugs are awesome.
  7. 2005 Tahoe with 87k here - lately am hearing a clunky sort of tapping noise under rear seat. Sometimes the noise will appear with just the key on and sometimes not - so it isnt consistent but you dont need to be moving to hear it. I know the fuel pump is under there but thought they whined when going bad. Never had any problems - really love this truck and would appreciate any advice... Thanks!
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