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  1. That referred to the federal government, who pays me to work on their broken shit. Not to mention, all my licenses and certifications. I haven't even had to buy boots since 2005... I get reimbursed 2 pairs a year. Pissed off yet? Good. Enjoy it. I know I do! Douche.
  2. Still looking for a dispute to the filter data posted. You can doubt what I post, but the fortunate thing about life and science is that you can think all you want, doesn't make it true. I see in your avatar you have a truck with 22s. Assuming stock, that comes commensurate with a truck with leather, and a whole assortment of luxury items. I have little respect for anyone who needs luxury items in a vehicle let alone a truck; comfort belongs in your bed not your truck. Insult my professions all you want, but I'm not the one advertising their wuss-mobile. I'm not worried that you won't bring me your truck to fix, because you're certainly the type to get wet in the diapers when it approaches 100k and needs to "upgrade" to the latest and greatest trash. It's ok.. we can't all keep the old junk humming along. Hey you know what? The flow data for air filters hasn't changed yet. Funny how that [doesn't] happen.
  3. Hey, you're the one who directed to me in the first place, when I never actually directed towards you. If I'd initially wanted to quote you, I would have. In the meantime, you can rely on data. You don't have to trust me; all you have to do is keep paying my salary, license fees, insurance, cell phone bills, etc. because people with more power trust it. I posted just one of many on the subject of airflow and filters; no, physics hasn't changed much over the years, so the information applies. I suppose you're also one to spit at oblate speroid earth/evolution/climate change data? Simple, common sense says that if the filter flows more, it filters less... oh, fluid dynamics says the same. A Civic get towed in the other day for a flat tire. Popped the hood and saw a "CAI." I dragged it to the curb with the tractor without touching the tire and left the tow bill on the seat, I won't touch garbage. Carry on, softy.
  4. How about some actual data? Sure. https://www.gmtruckcentral.com/articles/air-filter-study.html Just one of the many sources out there showing the exact same thing. The more air a filter lets through (less restrictive), the less it actually filters. So, paying more to do less. I run Napa, Wix or AC Delco. An air filter filters the air... if it doesn't it's not doing its job. It's NOT. THAT. HARD. Like it or not, my record of decades of not having mechanical failures is what credibility is based on, not to mention having to fix everyone else's F-ups (including shops and dealers). That's what I do, and it's not even my full-time job. When a vehicle rolls in with some reusable filter or "cold air intake" I rip that crap off and toss it in the trash and charge for the trouble. So feel free to take the weekend-warrior "I did my own oil change and know what I'm talking about" mindset and combine it with $2 and get a cup of coffee, because that's what 95% of the crap on this forum is worth.
  5. And a qualified driver will do better than any of the nanny-aids. I still daily my '84 GMC that doesn't have a spec of rust anywhere, and isn't garaged up here in upstate NY. It isn't hard to keep a truck from rusting, it just takes a little effort. It's been NY-FL a few times, and will be going back down in a few years when I build another house. If a new truck is more reliable than an old truck, the issue isn't the truck, it's the maintainer.
  6. If you promote a K&N filter, you immediately lose all credibility on every subject. Paying more money for an air filter that filters less from the air is ironic at best, catastrophic at worst. But hey, if you gotta keep up with the Jones and toss the truck before it's an issue, who cares, right?
  7. Yes... use it. Or suction. The biggest thing to look at is the freezing temp. I'm guessing you currently have the Green Rain-x Bug stuff? It freezes at 32*, so I'd look to have it out before sustained freezing temps. The Winter (orange) Rain-x also is anti-bug, so I question the need for the green stuff... I'm in the same boat and made that mistake. I usually clean my windshield daily, so it won't take me long to work through the tank.
  8. Some of us get neither TPMS lights NOR terrible trans tuning. I've NEVER had the light come on; but then, I keep my tires slightly overfilled at 38 psi. Never had a light even with 40* overnight temp swings. Illuminated dash lights, like rust, are a crime.
  9. Oh really? Sounds like you're the guy I write for improperly adjusted headlights. Here’s a primer: https://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/a257/how-to-adjust-lights/
  10. Towing/hauling safety is only as safe as the skill of the driver. Your truck could drag a 12k pound trailer down an ocean beach if you wanted it to.
  11. I have the same bin but cheap eBay version, $40. Instructions in Mandarin but who cares? No difference in usability.
  12. Have you ever tried a fluid change and a bottle of Lubegard Red?
  13. More important that the up/down aim is the left/right. Yes, headlights should be angled slightly right I’ve seen vehicles fresh off the showroom floor with improper adjustment.
  14. What if indeed; does it? Yours has the same programming that mine does, so one would have to assume that the counter works the same, seeing as how it's based on algorithms and not oil testing. Or is that conjecture? Where I come from hard data disproves a hypothesis or claim. Disprove it.... GO!
  15. Why is it so hard to comprehend that the OLM is designed to get most of the engines through the warranty, and not actual longevity? 5k miles max on full synthetic, which on mine come to 60-65%. Otherwise, reap the consequences.
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