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  1. This could be it.. but it has a more metal sound to it. I did try removing the headrests completely and that didn't fix it. I'm thinking about maybe putting some rubber washers on all the bolts.
  2. I just had a custom shop do mine - love them. However, I have a slight squeak/rattle coming from the backseat now. I took the truck back and they "tightened everything up" but it still does it every once in a while. Only when driving slow over a bumpy road or railroad track. Almost sounds like the backseat is moving or loose. Any thoughts on what it could be? Ill probably take a look at it myself this weekend.
  3. Got a new tire today. Woo. Should’ve paid for road hazard.
  4. No one is complaining Mr. Booger. If you read the post, you will see that it was funny, not a complaint. Don’t try to stir up another internet argument.
  5. It’s just sounds like a small car horn. Maybe it’s because I have the 2.7 haha
  6. So I found it quite comical that a full size pickup has such a meh horn. I honked at someone and my wife couldn’t stop laughing at it. Enough to where she suggesting trying to change it lol. Are these horns terrible on all models?
  7. Love my Silverado, but this looks a lot better.
  8. I think I want to just moan a little cause I'm frustrated - Ordered my floor liners through the dealership, was happy with them and ready to use my points that I got for buying a brand new truck. Dealership redeems my points, tells me they wont give me the GM offer, and reassures me that they did not use my points after I told them I dont want the floor liners if they can't offer the GM discount. Well come to find out, they did you my points. So now I have no points, no floor liners, and a case open with GM to get them back. What a day. Lot of stupid frustration over a measly $30. I know I should buck up and pay the extra, but damn, I feel like they should honor the discount. EDIT - Now they are offering $15 off, not the $30. I'll do it, but I feel like this is such the typical car stealership experience.
  9. I totally get this, and it sucks. However, when thinking about it in a "What would I do situation?," I feel that this is like being upset at GM because you accidentally hit someone and do not have forward collision on your truck. I just think we can always try to blame someone else or the manufacturer when they weren't the one who accidentally hit the button.
  10. Yes, I have 22,000 points ($110). I have messaged my salesperson asking to order them and price match; no response yet. If he doesnt price match, I think I am still happy with the 15% off.
  11. Do dealers give any discounts or price match for Chevrolet floor liners? Making the purchase today, just want to make sure before buying.
  12. Dealership's price was $1495.. but I guarantee that you could easily shave hundreds off that by going straight to upholstery shop. Luckily, we negotiated it into the deal, so I didn't pay a dime.
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