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  1. I'll second this! I swapped mine, too, and wow what a difference!
  2. I could be wrong, but I believe it is an LED light. Also, it is for lighting up your trailer hitch. Mine doesn't seem to come on when in reverse.
  3. I would’ve gone Tundra 100% had the new design been out when we were shopping.
  4. Nowhere did it say that we didn’t know that GM charges their own prices LOL. Take your golf and AIDS somewhere else . You can skew the conversation however you’d like LOL, but this is just a funny topic and is meant for a joke.
  5. We run a business, too. We aren’t stupid. However, $55 for an air filter is robbery. I get that GM controls the price. And charging that much for labor on a two minute install is laughable. Didn’t mean for it to be taken so personal, just wanted a quick laugh at an extremely high priced item for a two min install. GM does pay for warranty work.. at least according to my dealership, they do.
  6. Received the standard “our technicians recommend replacing you cabin air filter, so I can get that swapped for you for $55(!!).” Definitely said no and purchased one off Amazon for $9.. but wow do they have some good markups.
  7. Well, I think the lesson that I have learned here is to call as many shops as possible. I have called about five, and wow what a difference in price. The best shop has offered to order the shocks, install, and align for $579. I have called other shops that have wanted me to order the shocks and have them install and align for $470... so almost double the price when buying the parts. Crazy.
  8. Looking to order and get installed. Any one place better than the other?
  9. Thanks! Good to know! One of these days I’ll throw some money at some billsteins
  10. Can’t imagine the Ranchos are worse than the standard black ones. I have a dealership offering new take offs installed for $150.
  11. I have an opportunity to get a take off set of Ranchos for pretty cheap. I know Billstein 5100s are the gold standard here, but how are the Ranchos compared to the standard black shocks? Any better?
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