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  1. For some reason I’m not finding anything on OEM Direct Fit, any chance you have a link?
  2. Is it still possible to replace just the blade in the windshield wipers? Or is it better to just replace the whole thing?
  3. Our utility companies purchase this color in bulk (OG&E)
  4. Do you happen to know where the missing bolt is? Maybe I can look for it
  5. Definitely not the dash. It’s on the side, not in front
  6. Do these things rattle and buzz more when it's cold out? I have now developed this nice noise, but it's harder to pin down than one might think. Sounds like it is coming from behind the drivers' side door handle, but I am thinking it is coming from the fuse cover area where the defrost vent is. Anyone else have this happen to them? Apologize for the crappy video. IMG_0583-2.mp4
  7. Having a hard time finding any information on this. We are in the middle of some record-setting cold, and upon startup the message “Heater Performance Mode Active” popped up on my screen. Can anyone tell me what this does?
  8. This is what is getting advertised here in Oklahoma right now.
  9. Took my truck in yesterday for this and one other thing - took 5 min!
  10. Interesting. Took it to the dealer yesterday - they told me there is a TSB on it, and have ordered the parts to fix it.
  11. Anyone else get a buzzing sound in the B pillar when accelerating around 30+ mph? Sounds like a plastic type buzz. Taking the truck in for the recall on Tuesday, if anyone has any suggestions to help point them in the right direction I’d appreciate it!
  12. I know someone had a thread that mentioned these, but I can't seem to find it. I believe it was for Christmas gift ideas. Can someone link it, or drop your favorite mods/accessories?
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