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  1. I did LasFit for both. T15 for reverse and T10 for license plate. Very happy with both!
  2. Got all the LED lights installed this weekend. Front turn signals, license plate, and reverse lights. One of the best, cheap upgrade options.
  3. Vinyl'd the from emblem and the steering wheel emblem. Not sure if I like it better than the gold or not, but that's why I went with vinyl instead of dipping them.
  4. Anyone have a recommendation to swap out the regular incandescent with an LED bulb? Surely someone has done this. Any pictures would be great, too!
  5. Ok great, so it would just reset the hours? Also, this doesnt affect any warranties, correct?
  6. This is a stupid questing, but does it just automatically update the mileage when you plug it in?
  7. At some point I’ll replace my tail lights with the oem leds. Still shocked that the LT didn’t come with them.
  8. Getting bored, so I am wanting to do some updating for my pickup. I have done the cosmetic things like step rails, bedliner, window tine, etc. but am looking for other recommendations for LED lights and anything else that may be a good budget purchase. Maybe blacked out emblems? I haven't seen much for the 2.7, so if you have anything you suggest let me know! Please do not take the 2.7 listed in the subject to be an invitation to give you opinion about why you would never buy a 2.7. I made an informed decision to buy it, and it does more than I could ever ask, so I don't care about you opinion :).
  9. I would love to see my towing numbers go up! Is there any update? Is it just the cooling? I love these topics. Almost every 2.7 owner loves the engine, and most of the comments are opinions from people who have never even driven one.
  10. While I do appreciate you saying my interior looks like utter dog$hit, please re-read my post. I simply said I don't need a center console, and your interior is not much different. Still hard plastic everywhere. When comparing a standard Tundra interior (I believe the SR5), I like it more than mine.... but, like I have said multiple times now, the tech and features just aren't there. So... this means that once they update, it might get intriguing. Might just be better than our dog$****** interiors.
  11. I appreciate your opinion, but it's still not a good look on GM based on what you said. When a massive bulk of your sales come from the LT or SLE package, it is not good that their interiors aren't great. Again, you are assuming things based on what I said. I have zero need for a center console. My gripe with the interior are the seats and cheap plastics. Those two things don't change with the different trim levels. You may get a touch more soft touch plastic in an SLT, but not much. Seats don't change in an SLT, either. But you do get that center console - but I just don't need that. You can easily see that the Tundra has better seats and a more solid dash layout.
  12. I mean... you can take my statement as literal as you want, but there is a reason why Toyota and Lexus is always at the top of almost every reliability ratings. They just work. Yes, they may have small issues every now and then, but they don't seem to have near as many as GM. I have been to the dealership 12 times in six months with my truck, and with the latest issue, even they can't seem to figure out why there is a tick in my steering column upon acceleration. I'm not a mechanic, so I'm not going to take you advice on fixing my BRAND NEW truck myself. I'd just make it worse, and in my opinion (and many others), you buy a new truck to have the dealership take care of these issues. I'm not sure about the suggestion on the suspension but I can't put one on until after 72k miles, because that is when my warranty is up. All I'm saying is - Toyota does a lot right. Their management styles typically allow for the creation of a more reliable car and truck. Most of them can go 300-500k easy. I definitely think that when they reveal their new generation of Tundra (if they actually update powertrain and interior features), the big three will have to take note. I think many Ford, Dodge, and Chevy owners are tired of these small issues popping up all the time. I do find it very funny that you think Tundras are "ugly AF" when we drive Silverados. Don't get me wrong, I love the way my Silverado looks, but it took a year for them to grow on me. They are not for everyone, and when compared to the Tundra the Tundra is definitely the conservative one. Also, to be quite honest, I still prefer the Tundra's interior over my Silverado. More high quality materials. Just hate the lack of tech.
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