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  1. I think Toyota makes a ton of trucks here in the U.S., if you are looking to support American workers. Still going to American companies if you buy domestic, though. Edit: This topic got me thinking. When you look at the big picture, a lot of these companies, be it tech, automotive, home, manufacture elsewhere. We either aren't as fluid in the manufacturing process, are more expensive to accomplish manufacturing which would make the price increase, or our own quality standards aren't as good (this is mainly regarding tech). We live in such a global economy, which is on full display with this pandemic. The only automaker who assembles 100% in the U.S. is Tesla. Always good to support your values with your $$. For me, I buy Japanese cars and American trucks. It's really interesting to see the amount of American workers Toyota supports, especially around their new hq in Plano.
  2. Ya, that's what I was thinking. I guess I'll deal with it if it becomes an issue.
  3. I unplugged this sensor tonight, and a piece of the clip fell and got lost. Anyone know where I could get the clip that kind of locks this sensor in?
  4. Randomly notice these from time to time. Anyone know what the yellow marked part means? Or the blue?
  5. Same. Mine has 7500 miles. It's nothing major, just bugs me.
  6. Glad im not crazy! It becomes super noticeable. I'm sure it is nothing bad. Are you bringing it to your dealers attention?
  7. Mines less of a noise, more like the tap of the steering column. I know it’s small, just figured it might be moving parts down there.
  8. This might be normal, who knows anymore. But when I start accelerating, only from a complete stop, I feel a slight tick in the steering wheel. Not necessarily a vibration, more so a tiny movement or click. Anyone had this before?
  9. I would check different shops. My pdr guy has told me before that it’s super tough on body lines.
  10. I totally get what you are saying here, and I'm not trying to say you're wrong or anything, but I have been to the dealership 3 or 4 times for recalls for my truck, and I have only owned it 5 months. I look at premature failure of key components when comparing. I know that everyone I have known that owns a RAM (or Dodge Ram years ago lol), has had either tranny or electrical issues. But I will admit.... I really considered a RAM before I purchased my Silverado. If anything, we should all send thank you letter to Fiat for really pushing competition to up their interior game.
  11. So I just got it fixed from the dealership. Took the truck in for the recall on a wiring harness and mentioned the seal coming up. They told me no problem, but they have to order the parts. So I didnt ask enough questions, and took it in to get fixed when the parts came in. When they were done, I thanked them for cleaning the dash, since it was spotless. He laughed and said no, we replaced the whole dash. I was shocked! I laughed and asked why they didnt just replace the adhesive seal, and he said GM didnt offer just that part. So, long story short, for a cheap adhesive seal, GM was charged $1900 for a warranty claim. Had I known the whole dash had to be replaced, I probably would've said no, but nothing I can do now :).
  12. I have googled and looked through so many posts but have yet to find anyone who has actually had them added after purchase. Are dealerships able to add the sensors to an LT, and has anyone done it? What did it set you back?
  13. I came from an Acura sedan. These trucks are huge! Like jlong said, you'll get used to the size pretty quickly. The main thing I would say is, the front hood drops straight off, so it can be very difficult to see how close you are to parking poles and other objects in front of you. Takes a while to get a feel for that, but otherwise everything else is easy.
  14. Not really sure, but I do feel like the transmission has shifted better since the update.
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