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  1. I love my 2.7T. However, I am in the camp that doesn't pull anything besides a golf cart. I don't understand some on this forum with all the hate - when it comes down to it, if we needed a truck that pulls 9,000 lbs we would buy the truck that pulls 9,000 lbs. Honestly, IMO, I think one of the problems with the new engine is the lack of branding. I know I'll roasted for saying this, but Ford (knowing the public perception of a smaller, turbo charged engine) did a great job of branding it and making it consistent across the board. Not saying it's a fantastic lineup or anything, I have never even driven one, but 99% of people shopping for a car knows what an EcoBoost is. All that to say, I think if GM did a better job to brand these engines (so Skippy's on public forums don't just bash it without ever driving it) and market these engines early to overcome the perceptions, we would be in a different place. Instead, it took the route of "See for yourself."
  2. Got the dash cam installed today. Tapped into the heated steering wheel fuse and ran wire through the weather stripping and above the a pillar trim.
  3. Or is someone in the OKC area wants to show me how to do it, I'll bring beer and stay 6ft back
  4. Has anyone hardwired a dash cam into their ON-Star/Dome lights on an LT, and would you mind walking through the process? I have found other videos about installing one on a Denali, but since I am not electrician, I would prefer following the exact model truck. Thanks!
  5. The amount of ads on this site seems to have tripled. Is there a way to get rid of the banner ad that runs horizontally at the bottom? It gets in the way of notifications and almost any site-related content.
  6. New bed liner installed today - went with Bullet Liner. Love the result. Before and after.
  7. Had a Bullet Liner installed today! Super happy with it. Had one on a previous truck with no issues, plus it was half the cost of Line-X with the same lifetime warranty.
  8. Goodness. Tell us how you really feel lol.
  9. If you have a trade in - I have had great luck getting a trade in quote from multiple dealerships, taking the highest quote, and getting other dealerships to match or beat it. Another thing that I am not the greatest at, but have heard stories - Negotiating the financing. Be prepped with rates that you have been approved for and understand that you can negotiate their rates or straight up dont have to take their rates.
  10. This is easy. Public perception. Your response is case and point why they don’t flaunt it. Because people who have no need for it and have never even driven one think a 4 cylinder shouldn’t be in a truck. Hence, they refer to it as a turbo.... all business. Turbo sells more than 4 cylinder...
  11. Yes, it’s definitely not a heavy duty truck. For a heavy duty truck, you would definitely need the heavy duty
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