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  1. Yeah could be quite the challenge. If nothing else I can turn it over for a bit of coinage. I will check the other forums and see. Thanks!
  2. Yeah I will probably pick it up anyway. I can't pass up the deal weather or not it sits. I am in no rush my truck only has 7k miles on it at this point hehe. Was really just curious since I got the offer for it.
  3. Wasn't really sure. I appreciate the input. I have a buddy who has one for sale and said he would cut me a deal on it. Figured I could piece it together over time and save some money.
  4. Has anyone done this yet? I found these adapter plates http://www.ictbillet.com/gen-5-lt1-cylinder-head-to-lt4-supercharger-adapter-plates-intake-manifold.htmlsays works with gen5 l83 to LT4 supercharger. Just wondering what all is needed? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I run at about 1900rpm at 70 on the highway. Mileage isn't bad at all. I have a 5.3.
  6. Parts were around $900. I got them from East Coast Gear Supply. Parts were 4.10 ring and pinion that included the Pinion seal, Pinion nut, and Crush Sleeve #GM9.5B-410-OE , Ring Gear Spacer allows use of 3.42 or 4.10 GM9.5B gears on 3.08 carrier #GM9.5B-RG-SPACER , Reverse Ring and Pinion #GM8.25IFS-410R-OE , GM 8.25 IFS Open Carrier 8.25" standard open carrier case 3.42 & up gear ratio #GM8.25IFS-CASE-E. Now I ended up buying the mini install kit. But I ended up having to buy a bearing and some other parts that were missing. May just want to get the main kit.
  7. Yeah mine had 3.08's also. I ended up regearing to 4.10's I am running 35's on 20's. Glad I did it's more like stock now.
  8. yeah I know that's the issue. But my truck is raked to hell. If I can get the Coilovers to go up some then I think that would help a ton. I have issues with adjusting them. I have had them off in a spring compressor and still could not get the top to move. Here is a pic of how bad the rake is.
  9. I am running BDS 6" with FOX DSC Coilovers and Cognito UCA's. I am also running a FOX DSC rear shock as well. The ride is great. Probably as close to factory as I can get while having a lift.
  10. Yes sir. FOX preload spanner wrench. I even lubed the thread area and nada. I thought it was gonna start bending heh.
  11. I paid $4350 For the lift, Coilovers, rear springs, and the rear reservoir shocks. The tricky part was the back finding a reservoir rear for it. FOX doesn't have one for a 6" lift for a 1500. So I am using a 2500 4-6" lift reservoir with the DSC controls. It rides really good. I thought it would be stiff between it and the spring but it isn't at all. My only gripe would be the front Coilovers. They are a pita to adjust. They should be preload adjustable like the instructions say but they aren't. In fact I couldn't get them to adjust at all even in a spring compressor and the spanner wrench. I need to go up just a little. I have some rubbing on the backside of the front. I'm gonna check with a shop on Monday to see what they will charge to adjust them up a 1/2". Hope that fixes the issue.
  12. Thanks! It's an AVS Aeroskin. They are actually pretty cheap. Think I paid $45 for it. I like it compared to a traditional bug guard.
  13. Thanks! It was a lot of work. But well worth it! All done by myself and a buddy of mine. Rides like a champ!
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