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  1. I placed an order on February 6 for a Sierra Denali Ultimate 3.0 diesel with standard bed. My dealer just let me know that it hit 3800 today! That is crazy fast. He thinks it should be at the dealer (upstate NY) in about 2 weeks. I can't wait!
  2. I had to order mine for my 3.0 Sierra Denali. GMC's website won't even let you build a 4x4 denali with a standard bed. Mine was just accepted into production this week, hopefully should have it within the next couple months.
  3. Just placed an order yesterday for a 2020 Crew Cab 4x4 Sierra Denali 3.0 with Ultimate package and standard bed. Almost all Sierra Denali's are short bed, but I wanted the extra length for sheets of plywood for my wood shop (with multipro tailgate). Dealer has an allocation for next week, and made a bet that it would be delivered late March, but I'm guessing closer to mid April realistically. I've got a 17 Silverado Double Cab with 5.3 that I'll be turning the lease in at the end of March. It was a good truck and winter beater, but I needed something with a bigger cab.
  4. I thought I'd join up seeing as I just purchased a 17 LT Z71 in Graphite Metallic cause my other car doesn't fit the child seat too well. I wanted to closely match my other Chevy... I think I did OK. Sometimes the Graphite metallic looks a little blue/green. Plans aren't too much, just black bow ties and some black wheels for winter tires. Maybe a cat back exhaust at some point, but I've already got a loud V8 if I want some noise.
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