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  1. Did you have to get wheels aligned again after installing the spacers. That’s the look I want without a full suspension lift...
  2. What size tires they stick out a bit.. I have a 1.5 level kit on my TB would like to go with a 305/70 on the stock 18’s.. without spacers
  3. My 2020 Silverado TB 5.3 seems to also be very sensitive when I plug iPods of other devices to the USB ports , will pop a check engine light from time to time and just go away on its own... I filled up my windshield washer fluid and popped a check engine light ... hoping it goes away ....
  4. My 2020 Silverado 5.3 TB pop a check engine light after I filled up the windshield washer fluid... and it’s happened before when connecting iPods to usb ... truck seems to be very sensitive.... hoping I just goes away like it usually does .
  5. Simple but functional modification... I used two 2x6’s
  6. Yes I did this to my 2017 Sierra ... do you happen to have the measurements for the new body style ... would like to do it to my 2020 Silverado .. I guess I could measure but if you have the cut length that would be awesome for many...
  7. Yes it’s did , I appreciate an honest opinion and not just hype the products up to justify the expense.... I’ve been look at those exact Bilsteins .. thanks
  8. Are the cognitos grease-able or rebuildable and do you have a level on your trailboss or still stock lift ....what do those cost , how did the ride change with the Bilsteins .... the angle looks great
  9. Lowering a trail boss defeats the reason buying a factory lifted truck ... but to each their own .. respect bro..
  10. What size tires on your factory 18’s any wheel spacers.... TRX is specs are amazing
  11. Thanks for your informative reply, my previous vehicle 17 Sierra regular cab 5.3 had a 7 inch rough country with 35’s and didn’t notice much power loss I’m guess due to light weight of a regular cab..., I’ve seen where some are squeezing in 35’s on these TB with a level.. I just don’t want to cut or tires rubbing on the control arms . I’ve been eyeing the 4 inch RC lift ... thanks again.
  12. Very nice which lift did you use ,..is it a 4 inch on top of the factory 2 inch... did you lose much performance and mpgs, I’ve been weighing my options for my 2020 TB...congratulations nice set up.
  13. Sweet tow mirrors... wonder if I can get them for my 2020 TB ?... congrats nice color.
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