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  1. Dhaze 83..Sorry , I missed it ... how did you get to 600hp? What are your spec, mods engine size ... what forum page so I can get inspiration for my Silverado ... dam supercharger or what ?
  2. I was also under the reasonable assumption that this was a forum for GM enthusiasts , Silverado’s and Sierra’s are both great looking trucks ... I guess we need be losers and troll Ford and Ram forums to tell them how ugly F150’s and Ram’s are ,( which they are not ).. not going to happen because most of us can respect peoples choices . Silverado’s are amazing looking and riding trucks , quite engines .... well not anymore I installed a S&B Intake and Borla muffler swap.
  3. I understand brother we all have are likes and dislikes, I just see the perceptive of someone who’s just signed off on a $50K+ to just have someone poo poo their ride ... and yes I agree GM is lagging behind Ford and Ram, the power in those engines produce much more power ....makes gm 5.3 look wimpy ...and they have selectable lockers too... GM needs to step it up..but I do enjoy the ride and looks of my TB....I am a chevy loyalist I learned to drive with my dads 1969 C10 three, so I’ll keep buying chevys . Be well
  4. Mine came in sooner that the 4 weeks they told me it would take , I installed it this past weekend and am very pleased with it ... pairs well with my borla muffler swap ...truck pulls harder on take off
  5. Subject matter expert ? Or just like most of us, just truck enthusiast who love our trucks and like to get ideas from others with the same passion?
  6. Very clean aggressive look... can you give more info on the Eibach lift , specs , size , price ... I have a 2020 trail boss and just want a usable suspension not just a “jack up” truck .. I’ve been there and want a lower center of gravity with real offroad capability.
  7. I have a Trailboss (not as fancy)... and these truck options are awesome from the factory 4x4’s ... great looking AT4...
  8. I swapped out my trail boss decal for these black ones .... exactly the same size and detailed as the oem factory ones just without the red color.
  9. Super sharp , I have a 2020 TB with a RC 1.5 level still with stock 18’ Duratracs ...... what set up do you have ...tire size ?
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