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  1. How are those bilstein’s in comparison to the stock ranchos? Looks sharp congratulations.
  2. Thanks it’s a rough country hidden winch bumper it comes with the led light bar and pods , couldn’t find any other manufacturers that make such a product ….
  3. just ordered a Leer XR for my 2020 TB… I needed the side sliding windows with pet screens … versus the pop out windows on the other leer models… will post once it’s on in about 3-4 weeks …. Hope it doesn’t lower the rear to much , but it’s expected.
  4. Thanks bro, no I had my local offroad shop to the install … I haven’t seen anyone else with this set up
  5. Just ordered a hidden winch bumper and 12K winch for my 2020 TB .. will post pictures once installed
  6. My 2008 Silverado z71 with the 5.3 had the AFM and I had zero issues with it…. Traded it with 150K , and ran strong … I was very good about doing dealership oil changes though … I hope I have the same good fortune with my 2020TB..
  7. Congratulations….. DFM delete From factory is awesome I bet…
  8. 295/70/18 Nitto Ridge Grapplers on my 2020 TB with a 1.5 RC level on top of factory 2 inch lift.
  9. Did you have to get wheels aligned again after installing the spacers. That’s the look I want without a full suspension lift...
  10. What size tires they stick out a bit.. I have a 1.5 level kit on my TB would like to go with a 305/70 on the stock 18’s.. without spacers
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