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  1. Was a bit labor intensive ... no more base work truck look !
  2. Just ordered these fog lights that include the electrical harness and a separate switch.
  3. Topper Questions

    Very rugged ... nice
  4. Topper Questions

    Nice , I have a regular cab 2017 Sierra and I’m looking into adding a shell ... any more pics so I can get a better idea of how it would look
  5. Greatwhitebuffalo 2017 Silverado Offroad

    Nicely built , which Wilco hitchgate tiregate did you get is it the solo xl ? Wanting one for my GM with 35’inch KM3’s and want the ability to open my tailgate without interference
  6. I am running F load range (nitro ridge grapples), and it rides harsh on certain road surfaces, like wash boards or just in town over rail road crossings, very slick on wet roads .... I just realized what load range I was running .. I’ve lower tire pressure to high 30’s which helped but still rough
  7. So I did the NorCal Mod and it elevated the rubbing but still rode like a cement truck due to how much a 3 inch leveling kit stretch’s your shocks ... so I upgraded my upper control arms and it helped the ride a bit... ultimately I cut my losses and lifted it with a 7 inch rough country strut lift (no front spacers) .. and it drives soooo much better, I retained the aftermarket control arms. The truth you won’t be happy until you put a full suspension lift. I did go cheap on the lift but it has worked great , the new control arms may be the reason.
  8. My 2017 LT Z71 Build

    I’m going to try it again without connecting the blue tooth....thanks for your reply
  9. My 2017 LT Z71 Build

    Have Have you had any issues with the pedal commander , my 17’ Sierra suddenly went into “limp” mode wouldn’t accelerate over 20mph and check engine and stabilatrak lights turned on.. I had to pull over turn off PC and restart truck ..
  10. Thanks for that advice , I would just like to keep the defrost function that came with the vehicle , just swapping it with a manual rear sliding window with the heat elements . I’ve found several manual sliding windows but without the defrost elements... and the as for the top , I can see how useful it would be out at the fishing hole and at the beach .. and keeping my gear out of the elements would be great... I’ll look into one... it reminds me of my 1989 K5.
  11. Thanks for that info, I’m so leaning on a camper shell .. I would like to add a rear sliding window, I haven’t been able to find one with rear defrost with a manual window

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