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  1. GMC's website shows the 4x4 crew cab long bed will be a late delivery. Not sure what them means but guessing Nov-Dec?
  2. GM's already discussed the possibility of a $100k truck, some people will buy it and others will laugh at those that do. My friend has a 2018 Denali with most the options available and he's already ordered a 2020 just to have the new one. IMO the new 2020 left side controls and center stack look cheap like an entry level Ram. Either way, they'll sell at MSRP because it's something new and shines but after 6 months the rebates and discounts will start.
  3. Keep us updated! I'm curious to see what the timeline is from order to delivery
  4. Your not the only one that's impatient so don't worry, there's plenty others and I am one of them as well. I'm hoping that the huge investment GM just made into the truck plant speeds things up a little once the dealers get their inventory. And I agree, you would think in 2019 there would be a better way to track the progress of your order. I know it's possible because other manufacturers have done this in the past
  5. From what I've read (and doesn't mean it's 100% accurate) it seems that the higher trim models in crew cab are being built first with the double cab and dually's coming later. IMO, the dealer told you what you wanted to hear, there's no way on a new model year they can estimate when your order will be completed, especially when they don't even know when the models will be arriving at the dealers. The only truck I've ever ordered was a 2010 Ford Raptor and they told me 3 months to build, but they also gave me a link to Ford's website that you could track the progress of the build and the location after it shipped. Makes me wonder why others don't do this, I never had to call anyone to check the status of my build. Anyways, good luck with the new truck and keep us up to date on the progress. A family friend is ordering a 2020 Denali (i believe he ordered it last week) and I'm buying his 2018 Denali once the new truck comes in so I hope it's 3 months or less too!
  6. Okay so what is the color and when you did you order? and what did you order? need details man!
  7. built in June and not delivered until August? That seems excessive. I wonder if they want to get inventory on the dealer lots before they start shipping custom orders?
  8. You really think it will be here in 2 months when you don’t have a build date? Seems a little fast to me. I would bet it’s closer to 3 months but I hope your right!
  9. It's a diesel, ran the VIN and it shouldn't be that much for a gas model. https://vpic.nhtsa.dot.gov/decoder/Decoder
  10. Let us know about the progress. I have a friend that was ordering his truck this week as well and I'm buying his 2018 2500HD Denali as soon as his 2020 arrives. I'm guessing it will be at least the end of September before his truck gets here, maybe even Oct depending on shipping.
  11. Did you get any sort or ETA from the dealer? Or just have to wait for the VIN and build date?
  12. When did you place the order?
  13. I'm hoping that the $150 million invest GM just made into that planet speeds up the build time a little. But depending on where you are in the country delivery times could be weeks. West coast will likely see anywhere from 2-3 week delivery times on these orders. The last truck I ordered was a 2010 Ford Raptor and that took 2.5-3 months from order to delivery. The cool thing was they had a website where you could track the progress of the build.
  14. I've read that they should be arriving at the dealer's this week. I'm sure they'll move them quick but I'm more curious about build time and what that looks like right now. Probably won't know for a few months until those orders start being delivered
  15. rookie question, but is the build date the start of the build or the finished build date? and then it's at least another week or two for delivery right?

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