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  1. If it's a DRW or long bed you can expect it to be longer since they started production on these later than the rest
  2. They now let you build additional models on the website but stop building vehicles the same day lol
  3. Good luck, Long beds are on late delivery per GMC's website and pair that with a DRW you'd be looking early 2020 ( at least my estiamte)
  4. My understand was that the DRW and long beds we're going to be late delivery but no ETA. Likely to pump out the pending orders and build dealer stock first
  5. The more I see this truck in white the more i want it. Hopefully someone comes out with some better aftermarket mirrors and it would be perfect.
  6. Didn’t know they were actually marker lights, can thank the ford raptor for that trend (except it’s actually DOT required of the raptor due to width). I bet your right, it would look much better smoked. But the mirrors still suck lol
  7. Get rid of the fender reflectors and mirrors and I'd drive it.
  8. adaptive cruise control, one more gimmick that creates less attention while driving. You want an auto-pilot next? Tesla's coming out with a truck, just wait and buy their's
  9. Gotcha, thx for the clarification. Wasn't aware of that
  10. What is a "pull" date? Sorry, not familiar with that term
  11. how many times are we going to post this? It's over a week old and been posted almost daily since it happened.
  12. What you ordered is important here as well. It seems like lower-trim models, double cabs and long beds are on late deliveries while they get out the "popular" packages and models. So, what exactly did you order?
  13. GMC's website shows the 4x4 crew cab long bed will be a late delivery. Not sure what them means but guessing Nov-Dec?
  14. GM's already discussed the possibility of a $100k truck, some people will buy it and others will laugh at those that do. My friend has a 2018 Denali with most the options available and he's already ordered a 2020 just to have the new one. IMO the new 2020 left side controls and center stack look cheap like an entry level Ram. Either way, they'll sell at MSRP because it's something new and shines but after 6 months the rebates and discounts will start.
  15. Keep us updated! I'm curious to see what the timeline is from order to delivery
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