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  1. If your compressor lock up you you could a clogged condenser, it's always a good practice to replace the condenser and flush the system.
  2. edz71

    Nice try...

    My apologies that was me, my hard drive crashed and lost all passwords, I have the same initials as you and could have sworn that was my login username, as I use my initials on other forums, again my apologies wasn't trying to hack you.
  3. Did this make your door more difficult to close?, I am having the same problem did mine, now, it pops when opening and a little harder to close and still have the wind leak I bought the truck used and noticed someone had already tried this fix.
  4. I have kind of the same rattle/thud noise only when I close the door, doesn't rattle at all while driving, I took apart the door, window, regulator, speaker...checked everything, added thin rubber washers between to regulator and door shell added extra sound pads, put it back together and it was quiet for about 2-3 months now its back not sure what to do from here, I feel your frustration.
  5. I really do enjoy my truck, the ride the looks but, my only complaint is wind noise from drivers door been chasing it for months.
  6. I did that on my first attempt, no luck, then on my fourth attempt I took out the entire window regulator, didn't see any problems with it added thin rubber washers to each mounting stud, wrapped the motor with thin foam rubber, there is a fair amount of side to side movement of the window glass in the run channel so I slid the glass back about 3/16 of an inch, this took away about 90% of the noise, I still couldn't say what is causing the problem, but it is better, I have also had wind noise issues with this door which I have been chasing for several months I can tell this door frame has been bent to try and resolve this problem ( I am the second owner) if had to guess I would say this is a bad door shell and needs to be replaced at this point, took it to the dealer when it was under warranty they said it is "normal"
  7. Thank you for your concern Anthony, but unfortunately this part of my warranty has expired, I am going to have to deal with this myself, I was checking in with the folks here to find out if anyone had the same experience or a fix. I am leaning toward a faulty window regulator they are expensive so just wanted to be sure.
  8. Thank you!, yes the Toyo's are heavy tires, but, they have done well in wet conditions which is what I was looking for, the SRA's where pretty scary on wet roads. Wildpeaks are great tires as well you should be happy with those.
  9. I have a 2016 Z crew cab, when I shut the drivers door there is a loud clunk rattle noise I don't hear while driving or going over bumps, had the trim panel off 3 times could not locate problem, I did notice when I had the window down about a 1/2 inch or so the noise was gone, anyone else experience this-thanks for the help.
  10. I have the same noise in my 16 Z it's been driving me nuts had the door apart 3 times the last time I loosened all the bolt on the regulator and put a rubber pad behind the window motor, it definitely made a difference but now its back, did the new regulator fix your problem and is anyone else experiencing this also,Thanks all great forum !
  11. I installed Toyo A/T 2 285/60/20 on my 16 Z and my truck does all of that, if I had to do all over, I would have stayed with the same size and less aggressive, don't get me wrong its a great tire, just not for me.
  12. I have a 2016 Z71 5.3 with 285/60/20 Toyo AT2 with 2.5 level front only, slight rub at full lock. Lost about 2 MPG added a Diablo 87 octane tune and gained back about 1 MPG.
  13. Just bought the Diablo i3 platinum, installed the the basic 87 octane with firm shift and changed tire size 285/60/20, made a huge difference with minimal settings, no more lag at take off no more trans trying to figure out what gear to be in, much better performance can definitely feel the extra horsepower. I have read that some people have installed their stock setting back then made their changes is this something you need to do or can you just update your current settings without reverting back to stock first.
  14. Very nice!. looks great, if I had a choice again now, I would go with the 285/55/20 for appearance and performance, I would have to totally agree with Lgetz you will sacrifice performance with taller tires, there is also something to said about the stock look with a few tweaks, nice looking trucks both of you.
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