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  1. I have been following this too, the best so far is from this site www.shopchevyparts.com $399.20 down from $499.00
  2. I installed the Moto Fab 2.5 coil spacers in front only leveled my truck no need for rear blocks, a little more work than the other kit, but, worth it.https://www.amazon.com/MotoFab-Lifts-CH-2-5-Leveling-Pickup/dp/B00I5056M4/ref=sr_1_6?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1517574999&sr=1-6&keywords=leveling+kit+for+silverado+1500
  3. My wife gave me a set of Katzkin for X-mas for my 16 CC Z71 in process of installing myself, actually pretty easy just take you time cut off your old seat cover so you don`t break any of the orange clips in the foam they are not replaceable, have the fronts done gonna do the backs and console this weekend, you can take a heat gun/hair dryer and work out the wrinkles takes a little time or you can wait and they work themselves out. I did each seat one at a time in my living room where it was nice and warm wife was cool with that.
  4. So you you really didn't have to do much of any trimming on the grille just the light itself, did yours have the shutters
  5. I see on mine there is limited space on the top of the grille mainly the center, what cutting or trimming did you need to do on the grille or radiator support, I am thinking of installing a light bar below the bow tie behind the grille but, I really like your set up better
  6. I am getting ready to buy the covers, I am going with perforated I think they look much better.
  7. I installed the MotoFab 2.5 in front only, great kit, Just follow the instruction don`t take any shortcuts.
  8. I just installed Hertz DCX 690.3 with adapters in the front only for now, made a huge difference in sound quality, make sure you line the speaker opening with dynamate or equivalent it will make the a/m adapters fit nice and snug cause they don`t otherwise
  9. That looks frikin awesome, how well do they light up the road at night, & are they too bright to have on all the time.
  10. I have been looking to do the same what brand are those ?, I have been looking all over to try and find ones similar to the Special Ops lamps, if anyone has any ideas would love to hear.-Thanks
  11. I have 2016 Z71 I installed the Motofab 2.5" in the front only, leveled the truck with maybe + - 3/8" lower in the back hard to tell visually. Great product & price.

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