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  1. The factory driveshaft is 1/8" thick i don't think you could machine it at all . The unit i had made is 6" diameter and 1/4" thick .
  2. From all the reading i have done i have not seen anyone re-balance there driveshaft and have it fix the vibration the issue is the driveshaft is made of paper thin aluminium and its full of cardboard . Because the driveshaft is so thin it resonates vibrations badly.
  3. Sometimes lifters collapse when they don't fill with oil properly maybe you had a lifter collapse partially during V4 mode and spring up in V8 mode ? I would 100% have the afm turned off.
  4. Sounds like you lost your serpentine belt . Probably went into fail safe mode and shut everything down .
  5. Had one made from a company called Pats drive-line I am in Canada so a lot of the american options are to pricey for me . 680$ Canadian i paid . 6" round aluminium one piece unit .
  6. This is how mine was when i was fighting to figure out what was causing the vibration . Balanced the wheels got a little better changed the axles got even better then was 100% gone with new driveshaft .
  7. What i really mean by all of this is that i think a lot of people say they have a vibration issue because they can see the console move on the highway .. If you had the same truck but with a flow through centre console would you even notice the vibrations ? i know before i had my truck fixed the floor and seats didn't really vibrate more than a normal truck but the lid for the fold down seat always shook like crazy .
  8. Yes the big console with no jump seat . I rode in a friends 2016 with the flow through console and it felt a little rough on the highway but not bad and zero centre console shake .
  9. I think someone posted a 2017 driveshaft on here and it did look different than the 2016 down models . That being said i dont think i have seen anyone with a flow through centre console have this issue which i find very interesting ..
  10. I would ask them to check the run out of the driveshaft and or the rear axle shafts .
  11. Just a little update on the truck because i have had a few guys message me and ask . Truck has been very smooth still since changing the driveshaft to a new aluminium one piece and swapping in the Yukon axles . Had my tires road force balanced last week because i lost some wheel weight off-roading and what a difference that has made truck feels smoother now then the day i bought it . Hope this helps others .
  12. No mine is good . Center console just shakes on bumpy roads now going to do a center console swap soon .
  13. My truck is a 2016 5.3 6 speed . With AFM off . Truck has never gotten better than 14.8 liters per 100 its entire life .
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