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  1. No mine is good . Center console just shakes on bumpy roads now going to do a center console swap soon .
  2. My truck is a 2016 5.3 6 speed . With AFM off . Truck has never gotten better than 14.8 liters per 100 its entire life .
  3. I am currently getting 15.8L per 100 with 35s . Very minimal change from factory size . Tires are toyo open country at .
  4. No mine is the same way . I think some of the vibration is transmission related . Heat related for sure or Differential heat .
  5. 15.8L per 100 Truck is lifted 4 " on 35s no gears 5.3 6 speed .
  6. I have 105,000 km now with AFM turned off and have had zero issues .
  7. Pretty common , I would advise having your AFM turned off via hp tuners or equivalent.
  8. This poll is for anyone who has the dreaded centre console/truck vibration . What i am looking to see is if you have noticed the vibrations with the flip down console or a flow through console .
  9. My oversized aluminum driveshaft did fix my vibrations along with a set of yukon axles . However i do find that the center flip up consoles are very shake prone . I would love to know if anyone with a flow through center console has ever complained of "THE SHAKE " .
  10. I thought i heard somewhere that there were multiple complaints from noises like this on cold start and it was the vacuum pump .
  11. I have 295/65R20 on my truck 2016 sierra 5.3l 6 speed and the power is fine you obviously loose a bit of juice because of the bigger tires but not bad at all . My mileage is fine i am doing 15.8L per 100km at the moment I drive 100 km a day to and from work with no issues . Towing has not been hurt that i can tell so far i am usually towing my Camper and boat with ease .
  12. They dont make a kit yet those are just zone spacer kits . I have a zone 1.5" kit on my 2016 i am sure if you give them a couple months they will have a kit out with bumper brackets etc .
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