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  1. Do you have the Bose premium sound? The added module could have reduced the signal output to the amplifier. Going from memory, the older GMs with the Bose amplifier, before you disconnect and install a new radio you would need to set the volume. I'm just guessing here from past experience with the Bose sound. If easily accessible, bring back to the factory setup and turn radio on and adjust the radio volume to where you believe is comfortable. Then reconnect your intellahaul system that in turn would have the Bose amplifier to be close to your comfortable level. i have check the install manual of your intellahaul system but no where show how this system would effect you sound quality. is this the system you installed?
  2. 07 2500 HVAC Issue

    not much more info to give other than the TSB is in that site. https://www.silveradosierra.com/climate-control/a-c-light-flashes-3-times-t704318.html
  3. 07 2500 HVAC Issue

    does the A/C led flash 3 times? came across this issue with my 08 yukon, press the A/C and led on the button would flash 3 times. did some searching on the web and came across a video stating that there is a ambient air tempurature sensor behind the grill that trips the A/C controls. my issue is inconsistent, i found a sensor to replace, its sitting in my tool box now but the A/C has been working pretty much every time now. i will change out the sensor soon, just not wanting to remove the grill at the moment.
  4. Well i believe in the 3 strike rule, you are on strike 2. if this replaced engine fails or the transmission goes out that would be a strike 3. but that is just my thoughts and the angle i would take it. I hope the best to you and you get to enjoy your vacation.
  5. the tweeter speaker wires in the pillar are probably not the best sound you want, because they probably filtered out the low end frequency from the factory amp. but if thats what you want normally the lighter color wire is the positive wire. ex. yellow/ brown, yellow would be positive. its kinda been that way with GMs not so much with other manufacturers.
  6. Wiring Question

    between your add a circuit and lights.
  7. Wiring Question

    to wire up to turn on anytime and stay on - wire to constant 12v, to wire up to turn when vehicle is on and shut off when vehicle shuts off - use accessory power. make sure to fuse any source you utilize. the use of a relay is to connect the power to the new lights your adding, the switch that you want to mount to your dash triggers the relay to provide the power to turn on the lights. if you do not use a relay, the power source you tag on to draws more current than it is designed for which could(but not in most cases) blow fuses or cause heat and melt shielding. i do hope you are using a relay.
  8. Accident today :(

    From my 08 CC that I lost last year, the damage totaled more than 20% of the value. They valued my truck at $28,300, with the repairs and rental issued it was over 20%. At the last min they totaled my truck. And what took them even longer, the adjuster didn't take in the account for restocking fees because the had found and bought a bed and frame they planned on replacing.
  9. I’m pretty sure the Denali in 2003 has the Bose amp. With the after market radio, the vehicle would need to be rewired or new wires where ran(not likely). Most likely cut up the harness to reduce the running of wires. Take a peek to see if the Bose amp is still there in the rear left cargo panel.
  10. To make it more understandable, GM uses data communication. For ease of the install, the use of a data module will make it ten times easier if he wants to tackle the job him self. The data module will control the power locks, factory alarm disarm and pass lock all in a few data wire connections, instead of tracking down individual wires, adding relays, and getting correct resistance for passlock integration. I guess my personal opinion aboot 1000ft range on a standard remote start feature over using the factory keyfob range of 200ft line of sight shouldn’t sway the OPs decision. I guess would you like skinny jeans or relax fit jeans? Maybe bootcut?
  11. kenwood always had a great line up of DDin radios with nav, if money is no issue alpine is very proud of their line up with nav. as for integration look into Datalink Maestro that should retain all your factory features all-in-one. i had pioneer in my old 08, didn't have nav.
  12. that MPC to me looks like a rebranded command start, as long as they are in stalled properly they will work. Using the factory Key fobs are nice but your limited to the range of the factory key fobs, which is about 200 ft line of sight. In 2003 is when gm switch to data communication, which mean you will want a data module that will control your locks and factory alarm as well as your pass lock security. You have plenty of options, i would stick with a known brand like viper/compustar/astrostart. I have compustar in my vehicles, just cause thats what i installed the most of. as for a integration module Idatalink works great. there are still some old modules out there that are made for you vehicle and don't need to be "flashed" to your vehicle, just wire up and they communicate. but the newer modules need to be "flashed" for your vehicle and you can't do that your self.
  13. My Fix On My Silverado Electrical Problem

    You can use an amp kit. The only issue I see is some of the cheaper amp kits will use aluminum strands instead of copper, make sure you stay away from those. I used to work in a install shop, you can hit them up for some left over wires/ or they would sell it by the ft. from a spool, as well as battery terminals.
  14. it is the original ignition switch? has it been replaced? they are known for going out and having poor contacts with age, which could cause the passlock to act up.
  15. Thieving Ba$$tards!

    an after market alarm works as long as who ever installs it does a decent job. when i was an installer i was trained to think like a thief to make it little harder and take longer to disarm. add on options help like a tilt motion sensor, good if you have nice rims they would try to take. proximity sensor, goes off when they peek in window or reach in through open window, but sucks when it snows a lot. glass break sensor, listens for the frequency that glass breaks. my favorite is the pezo siren that is installed on the interior, extra loud to the ears. also ask for an extra siren installed if you don't mind waking the neighbors in the morning when you head to work. i had the old school clifford brand siren added to my old truck, the both together sounded like a barking dog when alarm was set but when set off it was just aliitle extra louder to let others know that the alarm is going off. but sas story is if they want something that bad they will get it. best luck to you

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