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  1. it is the original ignition switch? has it been replaced? they are known for going out and having poor contacts with age, which could cause the passlock to act up.
  2. Thieving Ba$$tards!

    an after market alarm works as long as who ever installs it does a decent job. when i was an installer i was trained to think like a thief to make it little harder and take longer to disarm. add on options help like a tilt motion sensor, good if you have nice rims they would try to take. proximity sensor, goes off when they peek in window or reach in through open window, but sucks when it snows a lot. glass break sensor, listens for the frequency that glass breaks. my favorite is the pezo siren that is installed on the interior, extra loud to the ears. also ask for an extra siren installed if you don't mind waking the neighbors in the morning when you head to work. i had the old school clifford brand siren added to my old truck, the both together sounded like a barking dog when alarm was set but when set off it was just aliitle extra louder to let others know that the alarm is going off. but sas story is if they want something that bad they will get it. best luck to you
  3. New Side Mirror needed!

    your best bet would be your local junk yard, or ask around the truck shops if they know customers that replaced their mirrors with tow mirrors. and yes it will plug in but the turn signal will not function if you didn't have it.
  4. have you tested the ignition switch? has it ever been replaced? does the it try to crank the starter. does the security light in cluster flash?
  5. Multiple lighting issues

    have you replaced the bulbs? are they the correct bulbs? maybe they are not seated. with all the replaced parts sound like it might be something simple. anything aftermarket installed? radio? remote start? aux lighting?
  6. there are hooks on the back of the rear bench seat, we would add spacers to raise the seat for a sub box, but trim the hooks that secure the seat to the back wall. the rear seat would just be able to fold down after trimming the hooks. if you don't like that you could find a way to extend the hooks so the back will not fold down.
  7. 2004 siverado Z71

    On my old 2000 SLE 1500 I had a customer upgrade his Yukon Denali gauges to the Escalade gauges and he gave me his old one. It was plug and play and transmission gauges work for me, to answer your question, the will the gauge work.
  8. 2000 Sierra stereo issue

    could be a few things, most likely the radios components(radio its self) could be going out with what you describe. another option is to test the speakers. if a speaker is blown/shorted out the radio can go in to protect mode to help save its self. in 2000 if you had the bose sound there would be an amp and there would be a bose sign on the door.
  9. stealth boxes are nice, but custom boxes are just as nice, prefab boxes do the job. depends on how much you don't want to spend. as for amps, plan on a $1 a watt for class D amps. my thoughts were, get the better amp and upgrade subs as needed. if you go will a low rated amp and want to upgrade your gonna need to swap and upgrade the power wires. spend the money on the amp and work you self up on subs. just my 2 cents.
  10. Apple Carplay Issues

    has anyone tried cleaning out the lighting port on the phone? build up lint can cause poor connection. i had to really dig to clean out my lighting port to get a good connection. ever since cleaning out the port i will blast it with can air to help keep clean. maybe something to try out.
  11. i datalink module is a nice all-in-one module. the other brands like axxess and PAC you will need to buy a sperate module to retain your steering wheel controls. the modules copy the same functions on the steering wheel, you can program them for other options and that is in the install manual. make sure which ever brand you go with comes with a antenna adapter if you use AM/FM. dash kits are pretty straight forward, just make sure it can fit a DDin radio.
  12. aftermarket speaker would be better that the paper cone factory speakers. depends on what you listen to. kicker makes a good speaker if you like loud music, more sound quality look for a "silk dome" tweeter by kenwood/alpine. i been out of the aftermarket game for a while, a simple upgrade would be and sub and coaxial speaker swap. the factory radio is not strong enough to power component speakers. for running wires, yes you can run subwoofer wiring "class D" amp on the same side, if you plan to amplify the door speakers then you need to run power and speaker/RCA wires on separate sides.
  13. you can go to their website, there are firmware updates for their modules. either email them or call them they can provide you with a update, the only issue i can see if you you don't have the usb connector to the module. i had a axxess module at one time and did an firmware update. if i remember correctly it was an old style usb to printer cable.
  14. Need wiring help please

    whats wrong with a modern aftermarket vehicle alarm? they come standard with a shock sensor, kill switch and monitor all doors and the hood? seems like that would be the best deterrent for vehicle theft. at a minimum a starter/fuel pump kill switch would work. If they really want your truck they will get it.
  15. Leather "Appointed" Seats

    i have installed a handful my self while i worked at a accessory shop, its not to hard but it is time consuming, as long as you have the right tools its can be done. pull the seat out and start removing covers, cut the hog rings that secure the covers down, replace with new covers and use hog rings to secure, amazon sells the hog rings and the hog ring tool. hope you have Popeye arms lol. time and experience does help to rid of any wrinkles but you are not paying a shop rate with your own time. https://www.amazon.com/Pliers-Galvanized-Professional-Upholstery-Installation/dp/B01N2IJ64A/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1546719352&sr=8-3&keywords=hog+ring i was looking a set of katskinz heated seat kits and was gonna buy the tool kit but in the end my truck got totaled and this new one has heated seats

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