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  1. oh that is a aftermarket security, if you remove the black half circle it breaks the starter wire. simple security for used car sales. I pulled them out all the time when installing remote starts. the small yellow factory wire is your starter wire. remove everything and make a good connection when reconnecting the yellow wires back together.
  2. acc. switched and amp turn on is all low voltage data controlled. please follow sharpz recommendation and look for a interface module save you the headache. Or just bypass the amp and rerun all new wires then you know you connected the correct wires.
  3. Only thing I can think of would be the video quality at that length, might need a video amplifier. its been a while since working in the shop, but possibly have better units now.
  4. Muth co makes aftermarket mirrors with led turn signals if you would like an upgrade with a replacement mirror. a full kit or just a single side if need to repack just one. https://shop.muthco.com/silverado-signal-mirror-06
  5. Pulled the trigger on picking this brand of LEDs, as for the install no clearance issues with the heat sinks. Only issue I had was the install guide states to have the circuit board vertical, they send a tiny allen tool to adjust, but the two options did not come close to vertical. had to drill an different set screw hole in the plastic holder, which did not cause any issue with the housing or weather proofing of headlight housing. As for lighting, light spread is great, switch to hi beam looks great. No radio interference do you circuitry. These were installed a 08 Yukon, I removed the bumper
  6. The 7900 doesn't have a blade port? You are using the independent idatalink module? Idatalink website install guides are pretty straight forward. I been sitting on my remotestart/alarm unit for a while now. Have not installed it because I wanted to keep the truck stock for a bit. do you have heated seats? Are you gonna activate then durning remotestart? rear defrost activation? I plan on tracking down those circuits to activate during remote start.
  7. 2006- grey black negative trigger for parking lights. for a positive trigger search for wires after parking light relay
  8. have you tried to connect just one side? check if the volume is better. did you connect to chassis ground? or the audio common ground?
  9. Radio 12v orange + radio harness Radio Ground BLACK/ white - radio harness Radio Ignition (Class 2 Serial Data) = means find a different accessory source elsewhere Radio Illumination N/A Factory Amp Turn-on pink + radio harness Power Antenna N/A LF Speaker +/- tan - gray +,- radio harness Notes: If equipped, the amplifier is under the center console. RF Speaker +/- lt. green - dk. green +,- radio harness LR Speaker +/- brown - yellow +,- radio harness
  10. looks like you don't need to remove bulb to check, can you see the tabs through the headlight lens? check the link https://sparksmith.com/blogs/news/h11a-or-h11b-which-is-for-me
  11. old tread, but interested. this will be the 5th bulb I will be replacing and its getting old. I tired the HIDs but the only lasted a 1.5 year. and went right back to halogen. Interested in a set of LEDs with out the fan, a lot of options out there now, Hoping someone had some luck will a good set of LEDs in a 08+ Yukon. i been looking at these: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XHCQ8KY/ref=psdc_15730151_t2_B06XHDYTGL
  12. I went to fuel up my truck Saturday night when it was just under half tank mark, the pump stopped at 9.7x gallons. I was .30 cents away for a full dollar amount so I try to keep pumping, get there after 3 shuts offs from the handle(don't judge me ?).When I start up my truck, gauge reads the first tick over half tank. So I shut it off, turn it back on but wait for the gauges finish their little dance and then start it back up no change. I Drive off the my friends house, a few hours later drive home, gauge reads 3/4 full. Its been as low as -15 degrees some nights and up to 10 degrees on days. M
  13. data using a 23 year old truck and a test done 7 years ago..... thanks for the info! that helps out a lot I guess nothing has changed since then
  14. I would check the door boot, make sure that it is seated in the door panel and body panel. is it just the speaker that stops working? locks? window? power adjusting mirrors? did you replace the speakers with aftermarket ones? is there an after market radio? is it in protect mode?
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