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  1. Here's an old article: https://www.thedrive.com/news/30815/gm-working-to-boost-chevy-silverado-1500-diesel-towing-maintain-best-in-class-mpg-report I was just wondering if they had made any headway with this or they gave up?? If they do I hope they allow for an upgrade to previous years models.
  2. Thanks for the info!!!!....It sounds like a 285/60/20 on a 20x10 -18 will not work out well for my truck with GM's 2 inch Suspension Lift. It looks like a 20x9 +0 will have to do
  3. Hey Guys, I'm trying to see if any of you guys have or have tried adding a GM 2 inch Suspension lift, 20x10 -19 wheels, and 285/60/20 tires on a 2019/2020 Chevy/GMC 1500? I have a new 2020 Chevy 1500 3.0L Duramax LTZ/Z71 Crew Cab with Standard bed and I'm looking upgrade wheels and tires. I believe the Trail Boss and AT4 already have the same 2 inch GM suspension lift that I'm looking to add. After looking through the pages I can't seem to find a truck with this setup. I assume it's been tried and maybe not possible but I'd like to find out. None of my local dealers or tire shops can give me a definitive answer. Any help out there? Otherwise I will be staying with 20x9 +0 wheel instead. Thanks!!!
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