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  1. Somewhere in this thread it was indicated that the Bilstein 5100's for the TB have 3 settings: Stock, 0.5", and 1.1"......Couldn't you set the front Bilsteins at the 0.5" setting and then keep your leveling kit (I assume it's 1.5" spacer) which would give you 0.5" less rake than you have now? What about adding the spacer to the Bilstein at the 1.1" setting? I was going to add the 2" GM Suspension lift to my 2020 3.0L Duramax 1500 and then keep the leveling kit to give me more clearance for the 295/60R20 tires and 20x9(+0) Hostile wheels I plan on adding. Although, if get the Bilsteins I could set the fronts at 1.1" and then keep the spacer which should give me at least 3.6" in the front. Not sure if going that high would cause me any other issues.. I'd imagine I'd have to raise the back with a block to keep a little rake though. Do you think your TB would clear 295/60R20's with the just the stock shocks and leveling kit?
  2. Any regrets on having that 11x11 cannister at the front of the truck?
  3. Any regrets on having that 11x11 cannister at the front of the bed?
  4. Hey, I know this was a while ago but what didn't you like about the RetraxPro XR?? I was thinking of changing out my Tri-Fold to this option so it would be easier to protect items in my truck while hauling a dog crate as well. My Tri-Fold requires it to be either all the way open or closed.
  5. Nice.....So, I should be able to do the opposite.. Do you still have the back portion from the GM part you ordered?? https://accessories.chevrolet.com/product/grille-in-black-(for-vehicles-without-hd-surround-vision-camera)-84320548?vin=3GCUYGET3LG363107
  6. Any idea if the grills come apart in 2 pieces? I would like to purchase this option from GM/Chevy but use the main chrome beam with the chevy logo from my ltz truck and just the black portion behind the main beam on this ordered part. Basically, I'd have to separate the 2 pieces on each grill and then combine the parts I want. Then I'd hopefully be able to add the Rough Country LED inserts inside the main beam. Not sure if this would work or where I can find that info https://accessories.chevrolet.com/product/grille-in-black-(for-vehicles-without-hd-surround-vision-camera)-84320548?vin=3GCUYGET3LG363107
  7. Hey Phatty, any idea how much space that Retrax One XR will take up in the front if the truck? How far out and how far down will that cannister sit once recoiled? Can you slide anything underneath it at the front of the truck when recoiled all the way? I was thinking of keeping my Tri-Fold and then using a Weatherproof back of the truck cargo bag when I had to run with the Tri-Fold open. It might allow for more bed space utilization that way https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07XBNDD24/ref=ox_sc_act_image_2?smid=AM98IKVB3H9J8&psc=1
  8. I have...A lot of items say LT or LT Trail Boss but there's no indication they'd work with a LTZ model even though the parts look identical. I've tried to confirm if the LTZ grill comes apart in 2 pieces so that you can replace the grill insert but neither my dealership or other sources have been able to confirm that.....
  9. I have a Chevrolet Silverado 3.0L 1500 LTZ Duramax Crew Cab with Standard bed and I'm trying to find parts for either a billet chrome grill insert or a replacement altogether. Doing research and there is not a lot of info and the dealership is no help whatsoever. Any help/info would be appreciated!!!
  10. Understandable......Personally I like the Tri-Fold options so you can utilize the entire truck bed. The problem is I can't find a Tri-Fold that allows it to be locked partially opened/closed. So, when I put a dog crate in the back and have to fold it mostly open and then nothing is left protected. Unless you are aware of any? Being able to lock these covers anywhere along the rail is ideal
  11. So, are you not a fan of the Aluminum construction option or do you just like the price point of the Polycarbonate construction better? I was just wondering why your preferred the Poly option?
  12. Do you still have the contact info for the guy on Instagram that produces these?
  13. So do they have the description wrong on the Chevy/GM Accessories website wrong then?? https://accessories.chevrolet.com/product/standard-bed-embark-ls-retractable-tonneau-cover-by-advantage-associated-accessories-19419843?vin=3GCUYGET3LG363107&categoryId=98027 I see Polycarbonate Construction but nothing indicating Aluminum in the description. From the link above: MSRP $1,929.00* Unique Trax Rail design allows for rack and accessory compatibility that offers enhanced hauling options (Thule Cross rails sold separately) The rigid polycarbonate construction helps provide impact resistance and UV protection, and will hold up to 500 lbs. evenly distributed — easily supporting heavy loads Sealed Ball Bearing Design which allows the cover to roll maintenance free without binding, and be key lockable in any position Patented Flush Front Cover for a low profile appearance and minimizing water intrusion Exposed stake pockets UV treated to help with protection from sun Kit includes, Tonneau cover, hardware and keys
  14. This appears to be what your looking for: https://accessories.chevrolet.com/product/standard-bed-embark-ls-retractable-tonneau-cover-by-advantage-associated-accessories-19419843?vin=3GCUYGET3LG363107&categoryId=98027 It indicates polycarbonate construction in the description as well. This one indicates standard bed as that's what my VIN pulled for available GM accessories for my truck. Here is the Embark Aluminum I believe you were alluding to earlier: https://accessories.chevrolet.com/product/standard-bed-embark-max-aluminum-retractable-tonneau-cover-by-advantage-–-associated-accessories-19416972?vin=3GCUYGET3LG363107 So, you are a big fan of the Embark LS with the poly construction?? I've been looking at multiple options for a retractable tonneau cover for my truck. I was leaning towards a Gatortrax MX retractable tonneau cover until I saw your comment on the Embark LS. If I can get one of those on Black Friday through GM for 25% off I might take a good look.
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