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  1. I’ve never used clutch before but I’ve used their other products and they work great. https://shinesupply.com/products/clutch-16oz
  2. Thanks for the response. As mentioned above it sounds like the ride is a little more harsh when it is cold. I just don't like the appearance of how the truck sits but I do like the ride quality of the z71. I'll most likely try to find a leveling kit that raises maybe an 1-1/2" or so Usually I read these and other forums almost obsessively so I don't make people mad for repeating other things
  3. Looking to lift the front end of my 2014 Z71 CC up a little bit and I am wanting to avoid putting any strain on any of the suspension components. I have read through this entire thread and I have seen that with the 5100 at the top setting they seem to ride a little bit more rough, which I am not worried about. The thing I am worried about is how they perform in the cold (around -15F temps)? Are they even more stiff?
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