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  1. You definitely have an LT with some additional add-ons. To check exactly what you have, look in the top glove box and search all of the codes. They will list every option that your truck has.
  2. +1 on not cutting it! It took a little bit of muscle, but I was able to get my stock bolt removed and reinstalled just fine. Save yourself the heartache and don't cut it
  3. Have you checked out the gallery at Custom Offsets? That can at least provide some pics of each type of setup...
  4. I second the vote on using Crutchfield! They have great customer service and products. They will also include instuctions, wires/connectors, and the speaker housing adapters that are compatible with the truck... Litterally everything you'll need. Additionally, I chose to leave the dash speakers. They are a very odd size where I could only find a couple speakers that would be an easy swap. The only issue is the replacement ones I found weren't much better than the stocks, so I figured why bother. I installed: Front Door: Rockford Fosgate POWER T1693 (6x9) Rear Door: POWER T1650 (6.5)
  5. Thanks everyone for the input so far! I guess I have some thinking to do..... I have a feeling I might just let this thought in my mind fade because aftermarket sunroof fabrications sounds scary and maybe more hassle than what it's worth. Additionally, If anyone has any success or failure stories, I'm all ears. lol
  6. Is there a way for a dealer to install an OEM sunroof on my truck? I have a 2015 Silverado CCSB Z71 LT. 1. I am unwilling to purchase a new truck just for this option. Additionally, I am not worried about resale value because I plan to run this truck until the wheels fall off. 2. I WILL NOT install an aftermarket sunroof in the fear of leaking or unessecary wear overtime.
  7. I don't specifically know any shops in Houston but search for custom truck shops. Maybe even ones that do SEMA builds. Modified trucks has a big culture in South Texas so you're bound to find something. I would suggest something like that vs. a generic place like 4Wheel Parts.
  8. I have the Borla system, dual rear on my 2015 Silverado 1500, 5.3L. I really like it because it actually sounds like a TRUCK now. In my opinion, it's a little tame but overall, I'm still extremely happy with the purchase! If I was 18 years old again, I would hate it.... lol. If you're fine with the high price-point, I'd say do it.
  9. I couldn't tell you about Fabtech but I have a 4.5" Zone lift on my truck and couldn't be happier with the kit. The 4.5" kit with 33" tires still allows me to squeeze the truck in a garage (standard 7' door)
  10. Maybe look into the power rectangular steps from GM? The power ones have the function with a "button" in the rear where the whole step swings back to that area where needed. Pretty cool funtion than just in/out. I'm sure this is a pricy option, but figured to mention.
  11. I went with a company called AmeraGuard. I couldn't be happier with the quality! Regardless, if the company you choose offers a UV option, opt into it. I've seen bedliners without it and they fade in 1-2 years in South Texas heat.
  12. I have Rockford Fosgate Power Series in my '15... 6x9s (T1693) in the front and 6.5s (T1650) in the rear. (I didn't replace the dash speakers because I can't find a pair that will be an easy replacement that is a noticable quality upgrade) I'm incredibly happy with them especially for the price. I am not exactly an audiophile but was looking for something that was better than the crap paper cones from the stock speakers. If you want the "best possible" sound, be prepared to shell out some cash as well as wiring with amps and whatnot.
  13. Can you please share details of what you did here? I'm interested in upgrading the dash speakers but unsure what will fit or options we have. The only direct swaps I can find are the 2.75" by a brand called Memphis. I think these speakers look just like the stock ones., paper cone and all.
  14. I've heard that the stock Bose systems aren't that great and not worth the money. I just upgraded my door speakers to some Rockford Fosgate Power Series (6x9 in the front and 6.5 in the back). I spent a couple hundred dollars from crutchfield. They also offer products for scratch/dent as well as open box. My open box items were in 100% perfect condition and I saved a pretty penny! If you order from them, they will supply instructions, wires, and mounting brackets for free. The hardest part of the instillation is removing the door panel. Simple YouTube video will help you with this. The rest is just screws.
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