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  1. i did the 2.5 on my 07 nbs in prob under 1.5 hours (air tools) and a few beers. most of the time it was looking for the right socket i just had in my hand. rear the tires stayed on to put in the blocks. the instructions show using a wrench thru the wheel well to get the upper strut nuts off, i found it easier and quicker to impact them off from up top with extension.
  2. i just did my 07.5 with the ac delco ones (came with pump) like you posted and no leaks.
  3. no heated seats, but would gm just leave a connector out like that?
  4. anyone know that this connector is for? i changed out a parking assist module and noticed this was just chilling on carpet.
  5. UPDATE: So I plugged the new module in, the scanner was able to see it and i could see the module part number ect ,which with the old module nothing showed up. But the truck did see it, I had a guy come over with his laptop/gm software and program it and wala all works now. He also updated my ecm calibration to the latest. best 60 bucks spent lol. thank you also to carnu too for all the help via pm's!
  6. so pulled it off, my part number that is on it is omron - 25808837 which looks like it was superseded by 20803735
  7. thank you!, mine is extended cab - same spot? and does it have to be programmed? or just swap it out? snap on scanner said no communication to module
  8. ok, so put air in tire - it seems maybe the remote control door lock receiver took a crap.. i pulled the fuse and gonna see. anyone know the location of this?
  9. Hi, i just replaced the battery, Prior to this my remotes work and i was able to program them. Now since doing pulling battery - They don't work and when i goto relearn key on the DIC - as soon as i hit check mark the screen goes blank for a sec, this also does it on the relearn tps. ive pulled battery again, pulled the dsm fuse and didn't seem to help. where is the location of the rcdlr at? 2007 nbs Silverado 1500 LT z71
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