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  1. If you want one of those Amp bed extenders that flips in I just picked up one from cabelas new for $130 shipped.
  2. Garage Remodel

    That floor is wild. Nice job with the garage.
  3. At least they’re covering you. And that’s the correct thing to do. Enjoy your new engine!
  4. I watched your video on YouTube last night after seeing someone else order these on here. Thanks for the video. I’m looking into these.
  5. Just saw the video on the install of these, fitting perfectly behind the dust cap. These look like exactly what I’ve been looking for, but they’re backordered. You get them direct from site? And did you install yet?
  6. Ok I don’t know if OPT7 changed the bulbs but these did not fit. No way the cap was going back on. I also have a 15 LTZ with the projectors. Wasn’t happening.
  7. FHLH's 2016 Silverado CC LTZ Z71

    Exactly what I’ve been looking for. You just trim the bed liner out in those spots? Fairly painless to do?
  8. Anyone have a good link on where to order the 5100’s from? I’m gonna pick some up.
  9. The OEM’s do not come painted. They come black. And you DO need to drill to mount them. I returned my OEM’s I ordered and put Weathertech’s on. Much easier and work great. One thing I didn’t like about the OEM’s (besides drilling into an area that gets sprayed with salt) is the ‘cup’ design of them. Seem like they would just build up with road crap. I was not impressed with them.
  10. FHLH's 2016 Silverado CC LTZ Z71

    I like the rings. Are those OEM or aftermarket?
  11. I’m in the same boat. About to take mine to dealer to look at. Shifting is terrible to the point it is sometime dangerous to drive.
  12. If you’re hacking up your exhaust to save a few bucks why buy a kit? I’m assuming you left the resonator (or whatever people call it, the second muffler) by the rear axel? Cut that off and put straight pipe in to make it louder. I find it hard to believe the stock muffler being replaced with a cherry bomb is quiet. But hey, everyone is looking for different sounds I guess.

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