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  1. Their is a difference in Employee price and Supplier price anyone can be given the supplier price only Gm employees and retirees get A plan price.
  2. Am happy to have bought this until I run the warranty out It will stay plugged in. I do pull it out before onstar does its thing each month.
  3. What is best Trans Fluid to use on 2018 Silverado 6 speed ? It has 42000 and should it be changed at this time? Thanks in advance
  4. Works great I do remove it so the onstar doesn't detect it at 1st of the month
  5. 2018 Silverado has flap that flips back up when pulling gas hose back out
  6. Has any dealer fixed this brightness at night trouble?
  7. What do you get for 50000 rear camera that blinds at night dealer has no idea how to fix a accident waiting to happen as you can't see or use mirrors because of the brightness Thank you GM
  8. Just returned from dealer about rear camera on 2018 at night when in reverse the camera is so bright its blinding so much you can't see out mirrors and no way to turn the brightness off DEALER DID NOTHING TO HELP. One service guy thought it was a software problem but they wouldn't do anything under warranty This will cause a accident as you can't see when backing up at night. Has any of you had same trouble with the camera?
  9. Timken machines sent to China bought a few yrs go from USA
  10. Worse part is at night,have had the update still can't see anything mirrors are blinded strange you can't turn light down like dash lights.
  11. I can't stand the camera on 2018 at night time you just can't see anything because its so bright and unclear Also is no way that I see how to turn the brightness down or make pic clear Have had it to dealer still no good Is their a cam replacement I can buy? at least be able to turn it off in settings Thanks
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