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    2018 Silverado LTZ
  1. Was lucky to have Gap lost my 2015 Impala still lost 2000 What health troubles you are having should be compensated fore Best of luck
  2. Bought a Range AFM disabler

    Have had the Range now for a few weeks I was notified by Onstar they could not check because it seemed another device may be plugged in I called range they said to unplug it on the day Onstar does its checks Hope its ok 2018 with only 4000 miles would hate to lose warranty. Love it though
  3. Had a 2015 Impala they totaled the car needed the air bags replaced the cost was to much to replace
  4. Had a 2015 Impala that was totaled I swear the air bags all went off otherwise I think the car was repairable
  5. Oil Change Question

    Never said to use 10-30 GM wants the best MPG it can get out of this important segment. Wouldn't be above them to go with thinner oil to get MPG increase
  6. Oil Change Question

    Would rather use 10- 30 weight I feel the 0-20 is just to thin. What say you all?
  7. Oil Change Question

    Is very hard to read what the level is with Pennzoil Platinum 0-20
  8. Hi I have a 2018 LTZ wished they kept that message about kids in the back and give me the option of engine temp like what was in 2015 Impala. Wonder why its not available? using the idiot gauge tells me nothing.

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