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  1. Post your 2014+ wheel/tire set-up

    why is my picture upside down????
  2. Post your 2014+ wheel/tire set-up

    2015 sierra 4x4 z71 motofab 3" front stock rear. 22x12 -44 ballistic rage and 33x12.5x22 nitto trail grappler
  3. That's great i mistyped originally, im going with 22x12 -40 american force. I have 2" level front right now and am going to try to do enough norcal where i dont have to go to the 3" motofab. The angles look a little too extreme for my liking. VERY clean truck man!
  4. How much lift is on it? Im planning to put 22x12 -44 with 33s and do a norcal.
  5. Check out my profile pic. Not sure what year they"re off of but they are factory yukon denali 22". No issues whatsoever.
  6. I installed some 2" pocket style flares on the truck but now I want to add bora spacers to get the tires to fill out under the flares. I know new wheels would be the better option but i really like my 22" GMC wheels with 285/45r22 and do not want to add any more lift. What size spacer could i fit without rubbing? any ideas? I know guys are running 275/45r22 with -44 offset and 4.8" backspacing with just a level and a tiny rub at full lock. Thanks in advance!!!
  7. Additional cornering lights?

    I thought this might be helpful for anyone wanting to do cornering mirrors that turn on automatically with the turn signals...
  8. First time posting here!!! I have been reading this thread for a week. I just got my 2015 sierra 1500 slt 5.3L with memory, power fold, and reverse tilt. I currently have the DL3 mirrors and am wanting to switch to DQS. I just want to check and make sure i have all the right part numbers before i drop a grand on some mirrors driver side harness: updated to 84125571 driver DQS mirror: 84041609 passenger side harness: updated to 84125561 passenger DQS mirror: updated to 84228892 Ya'll have been great help in getting me this far!

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