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  1. I’ve got an OEM/HMI Factory,in box from my 2016 LTZ71 2LT took out at around 7500 miles, bought another programmed with Navigation from programmers. I Would consider selling it. Has “Apply CarPlay & Bluetooth”, But Navigation was OnStar or Google. Thanks
  2. Yeah, I hate dealing with the dealership also. They are just a pain, last time they left grease & grim all over the truck, changed my oil without my asking, I had just changed it the day before and told them I didn’t want anything but the tire rotation & balance. But they did it anyway, and they take forever. Just hate going to dealership. 🤬
  3. Heated steering wheel

    Thanks for the info, thought is was just mine 😜
  4. Heated steering wheel

    Does everyones wheel get hot or very warm?. I’ve noticed mine seems more warm than hot , so heated really mean warm . But I imagine when winter comes, warm will feel hot . lol thanks.
  5. The ones I bought from Phil have worked faultlessly since installed.
  6. Oh ok, well that’s why I asked you . Just a thought. Oh well, sounded good anyways. Thanks
  7. I understand the tread is “What to have Phil Figure out next” and this may of already been asked? But was wondering if Phil or others have any interest or info, on the possibility of “Blind Spot Alert” on these Gen trucks? I see that the Tahoe & Suburb’ Have mirrors that look like they would fit? I understand it’s a different vehicle, but is that possible? Thanks ...
  8. Thanks Phil. Yeah they come on during the day, when the doors are opened, and at night when unlocking truck. So puddles comes on every time doors are opened, but with these diode mods, the Cab/backups/& Puddles at night. So, puddles at Day, & All at night...Thanks Phil, & Thanks to everyone who brought us this mod.
  9. So Phil, the Gray diode isn’t needed on the 16 models? I installed this diode on my 16, noticed the puddle lights now mimic the interior lights, On & Off , as well as the exit lights of the Cab & Taillights diode mods.
  10. I was watching a Chevy Dealer, on YouTube in Georgia,I think, they said, quote: We had an installer, install the Factory Sunroof, on the Silverado that they was trying to sale, “Aftermarket” of course. This matched the Factory one exactly from the video. What Installer? Didn’t say. But somewhere down south, there’s an installer doing these Sunroof’s that match the OEM ones.
  11. Heated steering wheel

    Just wanted to give a big thanks to P.gamboa, and tinker fox for the videos on this upgrade of the heated wheel install. And a huge thanks to p.gamboa for all his help with Harness’s for these upgrades on my truck (16 CCSB LT), such as the DL3 mirrors, Auto dimming mirrors, and of course this Heated Steering wheel. Thanks to this forum & it’s info, I can now enjoy my truck a lot better, thanks folks.
  12. One site on car-part-com had this number for the passengers heated seat , not sure yet . 202-04015R. That’s me searching for a Passenger/Blk Cloth/Power/Heated Seat. Dash codes again seem to be (Opt)-A95-RH Blk Cloth W/Power (Opt)-KA1 W/ Heat Hope this helps someone. Pleae confirm of course. Thanks
  13. So doing a little research here, it looks like to me, the passengers cloth power seat is (Opt)-A95 Cloth w/Power (Opt)-KA1 is With Heat . please do your own research and double check to confirm my findings. Thanks everyone for your help with this upgrade and information on it...
  14. Thanks Phil, That’s a Option I’ve been interested in for quite a while, the wife said,Why didn’t you get my seat with power 😜. My Old LT-Z71 Had that . Would love to upgrade this one as well . Thanks D1daonlysully for hat code number on the cloth seat with power, that gives me a starting point . 👍

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