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  1. I was watching a Chevy Dealer, on YouTube in Georgia,I think, they said, quote: We had an installer, install the Factory Sunroof, on the Silverado that they was trying to sale, “Aftermarket” of course. This matched the Factory one exactly from the video. What Installer? Didn’t say. But somewhere down south, there’s an installer doing these Sunroof’s that match the OEM ones.
  2. Heated steering wheel

    Just wanted to give a big thanks to P.gamboa, and tinker fox for the videos on this upgrade of the heated wheel install. And a huge thanks to p.gamboa for all his help with Harness’s for these upgrades on my truck (16 CCSB LT), such as the DL3 mirrors, Auto dimming mirrors, and of course this Heated Steering wheel. Thanks to this forum & it’s info, I can now enjoy my truck a lot better, thanks folks.
  3. One site on car-part-com had this number for the passengers heated seat , not sure yet . 202-04015R. That’s me searching for a Passenger/Blk Cloth/Power/Heated Seat. Dash codes again seem to be (Opt)-A95-RH Blk Cloth W/Power (Opt)-KA1 W/ Heat Hope this helps someone. Pleae confirm of course. Thanks
  4. So doing a little research here, it looks like to me, the passengers cloth power seat is (Opt)-A95 Cloth w/Power (Opt)-KA1 is With Heat . please do your own research and double check to confirm my findings. Thanks everyone for your help with this upgrade and information on it...
  5. Thanks Phil, That’s a Option I’ve been interested in for quite a while, the wife said,Why didn’t you get my seat with power 😜. My Old LT-Z71 Had that . Would love to upgrade this one as well . Thanks D1daonlysully for hat code number on the cloth seat with power, that gives me a starting point . 👍
  6. Looks like mine are the Opt’ “AZ3 with Optional “KA1 which appears to be the heated cloth seats. That’s Drivers power/Heated/Cloth & Manual/Heated/Cloth passengers seat... If anyone knows the Opt’ numbers of the Blk Cloth Power passengers seat, would be great to have for the search. Thanks all.
  7. Hey do you have the dash code for that passenger heated/Power/cloth seat? I assume its Black? That would be a great help having a number or code to search for.Thanks
  8. I personally would like to change my passengers seat from manual to power,the drivers is power. Also add the Homelink garage door opener. With Pgamboa’s help I’m sure it could be done. 😎
  9. Heated steering wheel

    When the weight dampener is added, the 2500 is the same as the 1500’s. The reason for the different GM part numbers.
  10. Heated steering wheel

    I can’t take credit for this,but thought you all might like to know. From a GM tech: Concerning the Difference between the 1500 & 2500 Steering Wheels: It’s the Weight Dampener, it comes off in 10 seconds by pushing out from the rear side,it’s not an electrical part. It is designed to minimize vibration on the lighter trucks that come up the steering column. The heavier 2500 trucks have more weight and don't require. We plugged this into the 1500’s Clock Spring with heated wheel, success,No problems, no lights. Trying to post pictures for you. That's all you need to do to add this component onto to make the same as the 1500. it was an easy change over. Remember to use the 1500 Clock Spring With Heat. ok, Having trouble post pics.
  11. Heated steering wheel

    I wonder if anyone has any knowledge as to the 2500 Steering wheel having the heated wiring present,such as a lot of these trucks having the plug present for the heated wheel,although some are hot, but some not?. Oh also, want to give a huge Thanks to Pgamboa & others, whom have made this upgrade possible with their help and sharing.
  12. Heated steering wheel

    Pgamboa Would’nt that be corrected with the 2 wire Airbag Clock Spring for the 1500 ? Using the 2500 wheel and 1500 clock Spring you think?
  13. Heated steering wheel

    Yeah, the 2500 clock Spring has 1 wire hookup, the 1500 has 2. GM has changed even the 1500’s Part number haven’t they. So other than the air bag it looks identical. I suppose no one has gave this a try yet. I’m curious to, and you can’t ask the dealership, they say none of this stuff can change. Thanks
  14. Heated steering wheel

    Would like to know if the 2500 heated wheel would fit as well?

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