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  1. I don't remember reading it anywhere, but most already know that the radio has a pause feature, but I found out the other day that if you pause it before turning the truck off, it will save it up to like an hour or so. This might already be common knowledge. I use it all the time as I listen to a lot of sports talk radio and I will pause before I have to run into the store quick or drop my daughter off at daycare. Then when I get back in the tuck, I can pick up where I left off and then skip through the commercials for awhile depending on how long it was paused.
  2. Ordered the bulb kit from fastheadlights.com on Monday, hope they come by the weekend so I can put them in. FastWS6TA and anyone else who has installed this kit, from what I understand the Hylux ballast are plug and play and I shouldnt need anything additional other than whats in the kit? Just want to make sure I have everything I need before I start the install. Will post pics when completed. I cant wait this factory setup is horrible.
  3. Awesome looking truck, this is the exact setup I plan on running when I replace my tires, what size did you choose? and do you have in a level kit? Thanks
  4. It looks like the m6 hole is 1" up and then the two bottom holes would be at .5 is that correct? And again thank you for taking the time to measure it all up.
  5. Hey Guys, New to the forum, and glad to be finally back into a truck after a few years. So I just recently purchased a used 2015 denali 6.2 with 55k miles, and the previous owner installed a leveling kit. Now the problem is that they did not install a relocation bracket for the magneride sensor. I noticed that it seemed to ride rougher than my dads non denali and so I started doing more research on here and other places. I had heard that if you didn't want to go the bracket route, you could have the dealer reset the shocks to zero in the computer so the truck knows its level. Since I had just bought it a little over two weeks ago, I figured I would just take it back to the dealer and make them do it. When I got there and meet with the suspension guy, he said hes done over 100 leveling kits, and hes's never had to put a bracket in there. So he said he wanted to check the shocks to see if they were ok, and once he got it up on the lift, he then noticed that they were leaking and would need to be replaced. He drove it and agreed that the ride was really stiff and said with the new shocks the ride should be 20x's better than before. Since I didnt have to pay for anything I said absolutely, go ahead and replace the front struts. Long story short, got the truck back, and yes the ride is definitely better, but it still feels fairly stiff. So I was hoping that if someone on here had the brackets on their's they could hook me up with some dimensions and I could just make some of my own. I called suspension maxx, but they told me they could only sell me the brackets if I had some sort of proof of purchase, but of course I don't because the previous owner is the one who purchased it. I appreciate any help or advice in advanced. Thanks, Adam
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