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  1. This is a copy paste from a thread I have started on different forums trying to bring attention to my issue and others that may have it. I purchased this vehicle a 2017 GMC Sierra used with 11,200 miles on it when I pulled in my driveway. Because of it being used I do not qualify for lemon law in my state. GM said they will not do a by back because it is a used vehicle. My dealer offered me $43,000 trade in value, and said they would repair it and resell it. Slapped me right in the face. $10,000 less than I paid. This truck had a new truck sticker price of $61,000 before all of the aftermarket add ons.I have a case with GM customer support (case # 8-4504793819)but I am not satisfied with the support. My dealer has tried five times to resolve the rattle and called in a GM engineer for a sixth time and the rattle is still audible. The dealer is Durance Layne Chevrolet in Claxton Ga. The service manager admitted to me that her department can not fix the B pillar rattle. This is when the GM engineer was brought on site. They drilled(tapped was the description the SM used)into the structure of the vehicle and injected some foam with no results. Now the rattle sounds like a squeaky styrofoam cooler sometimes. They have essentially altered my vehicle and given me concerns for possible rust and corrosion issues in the future just to name a few. Please, if anyone is having this issue document the B pillar rattle and make a case with GM customer support. This is a structural defect across all models of their crew cab line of trucks.They gave me a mid size crew cab to drive as a loaner once and it had the same B pillar rattle. As far as I am concerned and I would like for GM to hear as much about this structural defect as possible. I made a thread about this in the new comer section eailer this year. Now I am going on blast with all of my social media accounts to get this issue noticed.Please visit my YouTube channel to see you have this issue. https://youtu.be/-abrhuooCC8
  2. B Pillar Tick

    Hi you have replied to my YouTube channel and I am trying to get this issue out on blast or go viral now so GM can get a real idea how prevalent this issue is. No fix yet after six trys. Please contact GM customer support and open a case against this rattle. You can reference my case number. 8-4504793819. Also view my thread here and leave a comment. https://www.silveradosierra.com/interior/b-pillar-rattle-t703078.html

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