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  1. The dealer removed the options for memory mirrors and remote control folding from the computer. They even told me so. I am gathering that there is a code in the box with the camping mirrors that they run on the Navigation unit. I went from DL3 to camping mirrors to after market power folding now going back to DL3.
  2. Now the Dealer refuses to re-enable the features I paid for. So I will be having them reinstall the original mirrors and enable it back to factory. Then no longer deal with this dealer service department anymore.
  3. If you shift the vehicle in to L and then press the up arrow until it is set to L6 (or highest) then it will drive just like a normal auto. But side note I will never buy or rent a car with that tech in it!
  4. Tomorrow I will be having them re-enable the features. Just trying to get a list of what needs to be re-enabled to restore it to.
  5. Hey Guys, So I got a new 2018 with DL3 mirrors and got the dealer to "upgrade" the mirrors to camping mirrors, but they went and disabled settings in the computer. So now I am trying to find out what all needs to be re-enabled to get my functionality back. (also had them remove the stupid DPN mirrors and install aftermarket mirrors that retained the features of power folding). I know they need to re-enable the mirror memory settings and remote closing settings. Does anyone else know what gets disabled when a dealer runs the code for downgrading a LTZ mirrors to manual mirrors?
  6. So my dealer put on the 1AMRP01788 but did not wire the door harness for the amber lights or the spot lights. Do I just need the 84290982 and 84125561 harnesses? Just a shame on Chevy's part for this. https://www.gmpartsdirect.com/oem-parts/gm-harness-84290982 https://www.gmpartsdirect.com/oem-parts/gm-harness-84125561
  7. So, I am getting told now that the parts do not fit a 2018 2500HD. I am assuming that is because of the 4th bolt in the powered towing mirrors? That is a simple fix of drill the hole. I really wish that Chevy would just create an "upgrade" package for the LTZ/HC and give clear instructions on how to install. Non tow mirrors on a 2500 or greater is a safety issue. When I have to get a weighted tag it should be mandatory for tow mirrors.
  8. Does going the DQS route with GM parts void your warranty? My local Dealer is saying that it will and that they will not do it. "Now, this is after I got it as part of the purchases". They put on the “package kit” 23372181/23372182, that pissed me off!
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