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  1. I just put a set on my 18 Z71. I really like them so far, ride nice and quiet on the street stock size, 265/65R18.
  2. I know I’m a bit late to the party on these, but I had to replace my stock GY Fortitude HT tires. Only had 21,000 miles and 6/32” tread left, but in wet they were like racing slicks! After a ton of internet reading, I decided on the Falkens in the stock size. All I can say is everyone was right. These things are just as quiet as the stock GY, but look WAY better! I was worried about the road manners, but they are great so far. I’m very impressed!
  3. Installed my Lund Genesis Elite Roll Up Tonneau Cover. Picked this up brand new in the box for $25. Was missing one 1/4-20 1” carriage bolt and two 1/4-20 nuts. Bought those at Lowe’s for $1. $26 for a tonneau cover ain’t bad!
  4. I had mine replaced last week. The click is still there, but it is quieter now. I’ve found some spray dry lube at the hinge of the pedal helps too. Just doesn’t last all that long.
  5. Reviving an old thread. My 2018 makes this same noise. I took it to the dealer last week. They pulled the drive belts off and checked all the pulleys and said they were all smooth and felt good. I would love to know what it is. Dealer said there is nothing wrong, but they could hear it too.
  6. Both exactly the same size. I have the 265/65/18 as stock on my Z71. I don't think you'll have any issues at all with those.
  7. Mine has just started doing it in the last month or so. If I keep my arm on it with downward pressure it (flip down) will keep it from rattling.
  8. Agreed! My 2018, purchased in late December 2018, came with 1 month free of everything and 10 years of connected access. I can't even get the diagnostics to work. It's been 6 months, and I'm supposed to get a report emailed to me every month. The only report I ever got was 2 months ago when I called to complain that I've never gotten a report. They reset the system and I got a report emailed to me, but nothing since. When I log onto MyChevrolet, it just tells me that it's not available and to call them. Same thing it's always said. I guess I should call them again, but we'll see. I pay $11.99 a month for the remote access. It's cool to be able to start and unlock my truck from my Apple Watch. I'm sure that will get old soon and I'll dump that too
  9. My 18 5.3 runs way better on 89. It’s not quite as bad as your wife’s on 87, but I can tell a huge difference when I run mid grade. Idle is WAY smoother and takeoff is much smoother too.
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