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  1. Front air dam removal?

    I took my bottom part off over the weekend. I think it looks WAY better! Thanks for the inspiration, I would have never thought of it without seeing it here! The only thing I had to do that I didn't see listed. There are two of those screws that attach the upper air damn to a bracket. When you remove the bottom part, then the screws stick down and are visible. I just pulled the spring nuts and flipped them around so the screws point up now.
  2. Front air dam removal?

    Looks good!
  3. Front air dam removal?

    That looks great. I'm just going to have to pull off that bottom part.
  4. Front air dam removal?

    Did you notice any drop in MPG or anything else? I'm really thinking about taking off the bottom part of mine too. It just looks better IMO.
  5. Very glad to hear! This is my first Chevy, and so far I'm in love with it. My only issue was some body alignment stuff (front bumper and bed) and the dealer fixed that for me. Other than that, I'm very happy with mine! Forums are where people come to complain, so I expect to see complaints when looking around. It's always good to see happy folks too!
  6. Yes they fit! I found time this morning to put them on. Pretty simple, took maybe an hour. I like how the look and it makes it so I don't have to "jump" into the truck anymore. They fit nice and tight, right up against the rocket panel.
  7. Picked them up from a guy selling new in box from Louisiana. He had to bring his wife to the airport in Dallas. I met him and got them for $360! I’m sad that I won’t have time to put them on until Sunday. I’ll post pics when they’re on.
  8. I messaged you my VIN. Thanks!
  9. I have a chance to pick up some GM Off-Road steps, part number 23194635 for cheap. I wanted to know if these would fit my 2018 Crew Cab short bed? It looks like GM has changed the numbers over the years, and these (23194635) are listed for the 2014-2016 crew cabs. Is there any difference between those and the 2018? I thought they were the same. Thanks, Brian
  10. Are you dropping the pan to change the fluid or sucking it out with something through the dip stick?
  11. They’re dealing on the 18’s right now. I just picked mine up yesterday (2018 LT Z71 crew) for $16,500 off sticker.
  12. Been looking for a full sized 4x4 for about a year. Just picked this one up yesterday and so far I’m in love! It’s a huge difference coming from a Nissan Frontier for the last 9 years. Looking forward to many years with this one too! Was going to hold off until later this year, but the incentives on the 2018’s was just too good. Plus, I kind of like the 2018’s better than the 2019’s anyway.

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