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  1. Transfer Case Fluid

    There is no part number listed in my manual, it just says DEXRON-VI.
  2. My WOT shifts are really rough too! Feels almost like the transmission is going to fall out sometimes.
  3. I have a 5.3L with the 6 speed, all stock. I think it’s the grade braking that causes the hard downshifting when coming to a stop. I’ve played around a bit with mine and this is what I’ve found. First off, the clunk isn’t always there, maybe only 5 - 10% of the time. The 2 - 1 clunk is always worse when the engine is in V8 mode. It’s much less noticeable when slowing down in V4 mode. Yesterday I turned off grade braking for the first time (hold down the tow/haul button for 5 seconds) and it was super smooth when coming to a stop. I could see the transmission shifts on the tach, but I couldn’t feel them. Like others have always said, I think it’s just the way these trucks are programmed to shift. The adaptive learning transmission has helped some. Mine has gotten less rough in the 7,000 miles I’ve had it. It’s night and day difference from when it was new!
  4. Yep, rearward cross is the best. Keeps everyone wearing evenly!
  5. I change my own oil on all our cars/trucks. I just know it's done right if I do it. I found that you can use the mychevrolet website to record it as well. There is even a place where you can upload pics of the receipts. It's pretty handy to keep all the info together.
  6. Correct. That’s all there is on my 2018.
  7. I actually like the jugs that have the foil seal. I buy my oil at Walmart most of the time, and I've seen jugs of used oil on the shelves. I've also seen used oil filters in the boxes on the shelves too. Walmart will take anything back, so some folks return their used oil and filters for credit. I always check to make sure the caps are sealed, and the foil seal is just an extra measure of security when I get them home and use them. Check those filters too! Not only are some used, some are just the wrong filter in the box (cheap Supertech in your Mobil 1 (ect) box). A lot of low life folks shop at Walmart
  8. I had them adjust my front bumper. It was really close on the drivers side. I dropped it off overnight and they had the body shop adjust it for me. It's perfect now (even gave me a 2019 Custom to drive for a day). I also picked mine up right after Christmas. It really comes down to what you are willing to risk. They always could make it worse To me, the crooked front bumper drove me nuts every time I saw it, so it was worth it to me.
  9. Knockoff bow ties from eBay?

    That’s what I was looking for! Thanks
  10. I was looking at maybe doing some black bow ties and came across various listings on eBay for quite obviously, aftermarket knockoffs. Has anyone purchased them before? Is it worth it to save more than 50% or did you just bite the bullet and get the OEM ones? Thanks!
  11. I love the Range AFM

    I agree that they don't advertise the shifting, but it does seem to change how the transmission reacts. I was driving around town in L5 before, and it also shifts better in L5. It doesn't studder and act like it doesn't know what gear to shift into as much with the Range and when in L5. It might trick the ECU into thinking that you're in manual mode, but at least it shifts into 6th gear with the Range. It of course doesn't do that when you're in L5.
  12. I got one from a member here today in the mail. I plugged it in and went for a quick drive. I can't believe that I waited this long to get one! Not only is it staying in V8, the shifts are SO MUCH better!! It feels like a totally different truck. I can only imagine what a tune can do! Thanks to everyone on here for steering me in the right direction!
  13. Oil Pressure

    Mine acts the same way. When everything is warmed up, at idle I'm just over 20psi on the gauge. Driving around with steady throttle, I'm just over 40psi on the gauge. Flooring it, it goes up to 60psi or so. Like they said above, who knows how accurate the gauge is, but it sure is nice to see it move. My old Nissan, it just stayed in the middle and never moved.
  14. Nevermind, just did some Googling and found out that you can't I have dug though everything and can't seem to find a way to adjust the sensitivity of the auto headlights. In the afternoons, if I go east (sensor shaded) they will turn on. When I go back to the west (sensor in sun) they turn back off. They also turn on when driving under a bridge. Every other car we've had with auto headlights have some sort of sensitivity adjustment, but I can't find one on the Silverado.
  15. Mine has that same feeling. The idle is very low once warmed up. Mine idles just under 500rpm.

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