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  1. Two tour golf bags in the trunk. Hmmm maybe. Custom coachwork's worked for Ferrari and Aston Martin? A 1oo,ooo dollar optional package? It will die. $10K? someone will say yes.
  2. hennesseyperformance.com and Callawaycar.com both have supercharged tahoes and suburban's. Sure Cadillac can offer a V series. All these trucks are getting very close to six figures. Saying you'd pay six figures for a truck and actually writing a cheque are two different kinds of people. I would like to see one, but doubt I would ever anti up the dough. My dealer has a Callaway franchise. I look but never touch.
  3. Side by side drag race with the equivalent gas truck. My Suburban is getting little old. I would slide into an oil burner if offered? Fingers crossed.
  4. The issue will be the engine will run forever and the truck will fall off it. The build life of the gas engine, matches the body and drivetrain. Small truck buyer are scarred of the investment and time commitment. I'd be interested in a 1500 platform diesel. And when I say interested, I still don't know if I would anti up for the extra cost. My 95 tahoe diesel premium was never recouped.
  5. Pressurize all your work before closing it in. I wear work gloves to protect my hands, and wipe everything down with a damp cloth when done. Flame proof cloth is great if your working in tight area's. Fire extinguisher at hand, or a bucket of water. Remember, you have the water main off. A bucket of water will be tough to get. If you solder job is shinny, you've done it right.
  6. Or two keys. One at dealer pick up, key one 300 hp. Then go to your lawyer, to sign paperwork and pick up key two. the devil key, full hp. It will happen. Or Google will only release full hp, when at the track.
  7. Did my o7 Suburban 2 winters ago. Best peace of mind ever. Maybe a 15 minute job, including cleaning and putting the tools away. Did my expensive VW last year. $149 battery at walmart. H7? I believe. Over 500 at the dealer. While I don't mind sliding my dealership a little extra money for service. $2106/hour is a little much for a battery install.
  8. To the o/p. You would think there is a download in the computer that would give you the read out of time or mileage in 4/6/8. That would be the only way to compare the two engines....5.3 and 6.2. But one would think that the more powerful motor would hold more time in v4 mode? My thoughts.
  9. Chris LAY off the coffee. Those are some very shaky photo's. But very important subject. They deserve to be in focus. I vote for retakes.
  10. this needs to go. great summer ride. But it is cramping my carma.
  11. I have a GoPro bike mount hanging from my rear view mirror. It works great. Eats up a ton of memory on full resolution. I also elastic band my iPhone to my mirror to Black Box some on my commutes. It has a map and audio. Perfect for when that Ebike, comes off the side walk and into the side of my truck. Ediots!
  12. Looks like a fire hazard to me. I don't see a fuse at the battery. Smokey
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