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  1. Not my truck. But it does belong to another member on this page
  2. For the install I cleaned the surface with alchohol and the spoiler attaches with double sided tape. I had to trim a little bit to fit my roll n lock bed cover
  3. I'm planning on getting the hood scoop next month. Just got the air designs spoiler last week
  4. Will that adapter work with the Opt?
  5. I have the Opt 7 with module on my Rst. Works and looks awesome only down fall is that u loose the rear bumper sensor function. I could not figure out how to hardwire/tap in to the taillights
  6. Finally finished my full skar audio system 6x9 in the front 6.5 in the rear with 2 zvx 8s amps are skar 1000w for doors and skar 3500w on subs
  7. Went to a local exhaust shop and got a flowmaster super 44 with turn downs. The turn downs drop right before the rear axle. Video is a cold start then first 2 revs are to 2k and 3rd is to 3k
  8. DIY method. I had an old wireless charger laying around my house that I used
  9. I have done it and it took about 30min. Works like a charm
  10. 2.5in in the front 1in block in the rear on factory 22s
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