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  1. Oh yeah!!! I’d say you pegged it. I like how you blended everything. You have your ambers line a crossed at the top and your whites lined along the bottom. That is a sweet looking truck!
  2. Here’s an update. I ended up wiring to my fog light fuse since all my other hardware is running from the same juice. There’s very little current being drawn since they are leds. I’ve had no led failures from this company,
  3. That looks awesome Tech510. I’m always trying to do a Close Encounters of the Third Kind with my vehicles. My camaro had grille, trunk and footwell lights. There’s a lot you can do with a truck. On my initial install I set off the computer in my Silverado because the light strip interfered with the grille vent closure mechanism so I had to adjust and reset the computer. I got my light strip from diodedynamics and fixed it to the back of an aluminum channel I got from homedepot and slid it behind the grille then fastened it. I wired it to the fog light fuse so that it only comes on when I hit the fogs. I also placed a couple of strips on the roll rack and have two red strips wired behind the rack which I may just hook to the tail light running wire.
  4. I’m installing a light strip I got from diodedynamics. Their stuff is guaranteed for 3 years and very reliable. I have it hooked up on a roll bar rack but will probably tap into the running lights that connect to the taillights.
  5. I used a brand called formfit but it only comes in black. Your truck looks awesome, it may throw off the look. The formfit brand also takes some planning and time to put on including lots of measuring.
  6. I did, but initially the install interferes with the grille shutters and caused a computer failure message so I had to relocate. I ordered from diode dynamics and installed the strip on the back of a thin metal strip and fed it into the grille and mounted two screws on the edges to hold it in place.
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